7 Natural Posing Tips for Your Wedding Photos

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Getting the perfect wedding photos means the world to a lot of people. They’ll use their wedding pictures for reference for the rest of their lives, and they want to make sure that they’re making the best possible lasting impression that they can. The7 natural posing tips for your wedding photos can make all the difference for couples for years to come.

Natural Light

Nothing makes a pose look more natural than natural light. Even people who do not have outdoor weddings can benefit from this. There has always been something very romantic about natural settings at the worst of times and certainly the best of times, and couples that pose together in any way outdoors are going to create some lovely images.

Pictures in Motion

Some people don’t like to stand perfectly still and pose in front of the camera. Fortunately, they don’t have to as long as their photographers are talented enough. Couples can get together and try to act like they’re enjoying a romantic moment in motion, and their talented wedding photographers can take the snapshot at the exact right moment for them.

Look Anywhere But the Camera

Pictures where everyone looks at the camera are always very unnatural. Sometimes, it’s reasonable to try to get shots like that. However, in many cases, people are going to want to take pictures that are far more casual and real. Pictures look significantly less ‘posed’ when people are not looking directly at the camera. It is also true that people tend to adopt fewer artificial expressions if they don’t look directly at the camera in order to pose. As such, the pictures are going to have a more original look than the typical stilted look that pictures will sometimes develop when people adopt a ‘camera-ready’ expression.

Smile Naturally

People usually smile in pictures, but they tend to smile in a way that doesn’t seem authentic. They don’t let their smiles reach their eyes. They smile in posed pictures that are very clearly taken for the sake of producing a posed picture only.

Ideally, newly married people should be happy, and they should find plenty of reasons to be happy throughout the course of their wedding receptions. These are the smiling moments that wedding photographers should try to preserve, and these are the happy moments that new spouses should try to cultivate.

New spouses should be photographed smiling at tables with friends, hugging their relatives and friends, trying their wedding cake for the first time, sampling the menu, or just having fun on the dance floor. All of these moments can really add a lot of zest and liveliness to a wedding album, and it can work to help people jog their memories of the best moments of their weddings.

Get Shots From all Angles

Photograph albums already feel like there is more of a narrative attached if they portray the people involved from a lot of different angles. Photographing people only from the frontal view isn’t always a good idea, since it creates more of a posed impression. When brides are photographed from lots of different angles, people can also appreciate the loveliness of their dresses that much more effectively.

Choose Many Different Lighting Conditions

Obviously, people are going to need well-lit conditions for their wedding photographs for the most part, whether they’re bathed in natural light or artificial light. However, muted light conditions can create lovely photographs as well, especially when there’s a skilled photographer in charge. Getting a wide range of different light conditions for a wedding photograph has a way of making an album look more naturalistic. People also vary in terms of which lighting levels are most flattering for them, and so capturing their faces and bodies from many different angles guarantees that eventually they’ll look their best.

Physical Contact

Weddings are all about love and romance, and wedding portraits need to really capture that love and romance. Pictures showing the new couple engaged in physical affection can make all the difference. Even the physical affection that the different members of the couple might show the guests can create memorable photographs. Weddings are about group bonding to a large extent, and wedding albums should reflect that.

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