Can Men Wear A Black Suit to a Wedding?

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When it comes to dress code and suits, typically black suits are for smart work wear, or funerals. A black tuxedo will also look smart depending on the event, however wedding guests should avoid wearing a tuxedo unless they are explicitly instructed to do so by their wedding invitation.

So what about a black suit?

Black suits are often a no no for weddings, you risk blending in with the groom who maybe in a formal back wedding suit, they are also very dark and reflect a negative emotion and can signify mourning and protest, you would wear it to a funeral but would you want to wear it to a wedding? If you attend a summer wedding then a black suit would look out of place and it would also be very warm to wear.

A black suit can look very smart, however for a wedding a charcoal suit, or a dark navy can look very stylish and are more suitable for weddings.

Black suits are worn with black shoes, which also means a black belt and also a black watch strap. With a navy suit or a grey suit, you could wear black or brown shoes which gives you more options and can look great depending on what look suits you.

Can Men Wear A Black Suit to a Wedding?

Yes you can, however we would advise against it, get yourself a stylish well fitted navy or grey suit which will be perfect for weddings, it can also be used for work, interviews and other events. Black suits are great for work, and ideal for funerals, however when it comes to weddings we think you should go for something a little more cheerful and warmer.

Black dresses for woman also follow a similar theme, yes you can wear one, however try and ad some colour to it, whine comes to weddings white is the no no, unless you are the bride of course!


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