A Round Of Applause For The Gentlemen!

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Weddings are among the best places to showcase one’s fashion prowess and be unique at the same time. For the longest time, the ladies have been on the spotlight but it’s time to usher in the gentlemen into the runway. Once they explore their full potential in the world of fashion, they’ll give ladies a run for their money.

Gentlemen’s Wedding Fashion

The grooms and those looking to get married are better placed because they have what it takes to paint the runway red at a wedding. Fashion is all about uniqueness and creativity. This means that anyone interested in making a statement in the world of fashion must be bold enough to try out new mixes.

Fashion has come a long way

A walk down memory lane will reveal a number of instances during which fashion was revived. The greatest designers of old each had a driving force and a target towards which they would work. Fast forward to the modern day and you will be amazed at the sacrifices made for it to reach its current status. For example, gentlemen had a specific attire that they were expected to wear during wedding functions.

These days, every community around the world is free to come up with new designs that will place them on the map of fashion. The spell of monotony has been broken once and for all and the groom is free to try out various fashion recipes that suit his taste. Men who are getting married are also not left out in the cold as there is something for them as well.

The many sides of fashion

Contrary to popular beliefs, fashion is wide and touches on all other aspects aside from dressing. It is widely perceived that for one to be branded a fashion guru, they need to be in sync with the latest designer wear. In real sense, your hair cut as a man also defines your fashion identity. Designers have taken fashion a notch higher by introducing devices, gadgets such as phones, and speeding machines as part of the dress code.

What to wear to a wedding in 2017

It is good to be updated on all the latest ideas on fashion as it helps you upgrade your status as a modern man. This means that you should be up to date with the newest arrivals in the fashion scene. These include the types of shoes to wear and how to match them up with your outfit. As fate would have it, vintage collections seem to be making their grand entry back into the modern world. In fact, it is taking the fashion gurus by storm and keeps them on their toes regarding the whole issue.

groom getting ready

For example, men’s trouser suspenders are synonymous with the ‘70’s and ‘80’s but surprisingly enough, no modern man leaves the house to attend a wedding without a pair of suspenders. Another thing that has won the hearts of most men and grooms is the hat. They do come in various shapes and sizes. The fedoras take the cake when it comes to classy but formal dressing.

What not to wear to a wedding in 2017

We are better off when we respect the fact that everyone is entitled to their personal likes and preferences. However, some items simply don’t count as fashion material and should be avoided at all costs. Some of these include shiny shirts. These are an absolute no-no for any man who understands himself inside out.

They will portray a negative picture of you as a man. Not to mention that you are attending a public and rosy affair such as a wedding where everyone is on the spotlight. As a groom or man looking to be married, avoid the branded tees. A wedding is a formal yet informal event that requires you to be on your best behaviour especially with the kinds of clothes you choose to wear. One more thing, avoid color clashing and stick to matching colors only. Unless you are a circus clown invited to cheer everyone up at the wedding.

Prove your metal

Weddings are the one opportunity that men get to prove that they are no longer boys but full-grown and mature men. As the popular saying goes, ‘you are addressed by how you are dressed’. This is the time to put aside all those unnecessary bracelets that mean absolutely nothing.

With all due honesty, they make you look so juvenile when the message you should be sending the ladies is that you are mature and ready to commit. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t accessorize as a man. On the contrary, wearing a good and quality watch is enough to make you look and sound classy. In connection to this, avoid wearing chains around your neck. You are not a dog but a live human being. You are simply sending the wrong signals about yourself and it will all blow up in your face.

Rome was not built in a day

It will definitely take some time for some of us to learn the ropes of fashion and make a complete transition. Bear in mind that fashion is a continuous learning process and you will one day get the hang of it. One way you can begin is by doing your research online so as to get thoroughly equipped with all the basic rules.

Bow Tie Dos and Don'ts

If you are not a magazines kind of person, you can get your information from elsewhere such as the shows you watch on TV. The latest movies also have a way of updating fans on what’s trending in the world of fashion. This calls for utmost keenness in order to catch up and not get left behind.

Take care of yourself

Who said that taking care of your physical grooming as a man is for the sissies and softies? This is entirely untrue as it only gives men a reason to justify the unkempt look. By all means, visit your barber often and get your hair and beard trimmed to style. Clip your finger and toe nails every once in a while.

Such ‘small’ details when looked into, will give you an easy time trying to convince her that you are the right man for her.