Stag Do Ideas

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If you’re a best man and you’re reading this now, congratulations. You know innately, without having to be told, that you’re responsible for the stag party (some refer to it as a bachelor party) where it’s your job to integrate the most action, excitement, and emotion into an event, building a classy, well thought out event that doesn’t involve debauchery or g-strings.

Planning the Stag Do!

Remember, your friend is getting married, fellas. No need to ruin his relationship with his lover before their journey even begins!

If you’ve got real class, we’ll show you the important parts of throwing a classy, stylish bachelor party that makes you look like the gentleman you are. Gone of the “hangover” days of getting drunk, renting strippers, and making your new wife regret marrying you. Instead, we approach the event like the oldest gentleman, the Spartans of 5th century BC and the 40’s and 50’s, instead taking the opportunity to feast, toast the groom, and share old memories.

We’re done with the idea of “partying” to send off a wedding. Why are you partying? Are you not honoring a great decision to end up with the person you love? Are you trying to respect your friend’s new best friend? Why stress your friend’s fiancee or fail to respect what your friend deserves?

Be a gentleman.

Keep it classy and think progressively.

The most important thing to consider is that marriage is not a sinking ship. Hopefully your friend is mature, and loves the person that he’s getting with, happily forgoing the olden days of clubbing and bar-hopping, instead understanding that this party is the last best chance for male bonding, and frequent activities (not strippers or getting wasted) that are less-frequent after you get married, taking the opportunity to help your best friend throw their pre-nuptial jitters out of the window.

Don’t get too carried away- what have you and the boys not been able to do recently?

Center your party around activities, and throw out the idea of stuffing your money down a stripper’s G-string. It doesn’t have to be boring because you aren’t getting “wasted.” It’s time to get your testosterone going and your heart pumping with any one of the following manly activities:

  • Camping, backpacking, or hiking trip
  • Jet skis on the lake for an afternoon
  • Deep sea fishing, ice fishing, a chartered fishing trip, or a fishing lesson (like fly fishing)
  • Snow skiing or snowboarding up in the mountains
  • A boxing, MMA, or wrestling match
  • Go-carting, sail boating, or canoeing
  • Planning a bowling and arcade trip, complete with greasy food
  • Go to a game of football, basketball soccer, or golf
  • Casino night with a paid dealer and lots of slot machines
  • Paint balling, shooting, or laser tag

It’s most important to just have the best time possible, doing things that help you celebrate the good and remember the bad without getting crazy, smashed, or doing something you regret. Instead of doing the “worst things” you can do, or being insanely dangerous. Remember, the goal of the event is to celebrate a man’s union with a woman, so ensure that you’re having a great time to make funny roasts, poignant toasts, and meaningful statements. Feel free to imbibe the groom with words of wisdom, advice, and anything else that’s not included in the speech you’ll be giving at his wedding.

Some tips to remember

Budget. Remember to take into account the environment, mood, and atmosphere of the party. Try to cater to the relative budgets of your guests, because you don’t want to have people skipping the party because they can’t avoid it, and some events are more plausible to consider in some environments. If it’s warm, plan events outside to minimize costs.

Food. Plan a meal to follow events, to keep everyone happy. Remember, bachelor parties of old were traditionally feasts and dinner parties. Incorporate cheap food! Barbecues make a lot of food for a small amount of money and can be easily incorporated into events with a cooler, some charcoal, and a small barbecue grill. And they’re fun!

Timing. While planning the stag day out, it might seem more traditional to plan it the day before the wedding, but sometimes it’s better to plan out the event with more of a timeline in mind. Setting dates ahead of time gives the groom time to relax and rest before his important day, instead of being tuckered out from all of the awesome events you’re going to plan.

Plan. It might seem like nobody plans anything out anymore, send out invitations so that everyone knows ahead of time (usually 3 weeks, no longer than a month) so that people can plan their next few weeks accordingly. Match the formality of the invitations with the event, so that people know how to show up. Invitations are also awesome to plan out the events of the party, so it’s not awkward for guests. This includes information like responsibilities for costs, and costs for the groom, phone numbers, emails, meeting time and place, maps, event schedules, and so forth.