10 Classy Stag Do Ideas

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Is your best friend about to take the big plunge? If so, you are probably trying to come up with an amazing stag party idea. Most of us only get one stag party during our lifetime, so making a night to remember is highly important. The night has to be great but how are you going to pull it off and still stay classy? Today we are going to take a look at several great ideas that will make your best friends stage party one to remember, while still remaining classy.

Ten Classy Stag Do Ideas

1. Rent a beach house

A great place to host an amazing stag party is a beach house. Beach houses have beautiful views and allow you to be next to the water, while still having modern comforts. Renting a beach house for a few days is a great way to have a wonderful time without getting too crazy.

2. Host a paint ball tourney

Paint ball is a super fun activity that your friends will probably all love. Shooting at one another and getting dirty can be thrilling and will make a great memory. A game of paint ball is the perfect way to spend your stag day.

3. Go sky diving

If you want to make your best friends stag party one to remember, jumping out of a plane is a great way to do so. Sky diving is a heart pounded experience that will test your bravery.

4. Go wine tasting

Guys love wine just as much as the ladies. So why not take your friends on a wine tasting trip? This is a great way to bound and drink some great wine at the same time!


5. Spend it at the Casino

For the classy mans stag do then how about heading down to the local casino, fix up and look sharp, go and place your bets and have great night out and a few drinks to boot.

6. Go hunting

This stag party idea is not for everyone. But hunting is a great way to get back to nature and have some real bonding time with all of your friends. Remember to bring the bug replenet and pack enough food and water.

7. Have a feast fit for a king

Go all out for your friends stag party by fixing large manly feast. Bring on the steaks and remember to serve plenty of beer!

8. Travel to a foreign country

Get away from it all by taking a trip to a faraway place. Choose an exotic location that your friend has never been too before and surprise him with the plane ticket.

9. Go on a cruise

Why wait until your honeymoon to go on a cruise? Grab the guys and pack your bags for a stag party cruise of a lifetime. While this might be a more costly idea, your friend will surely remember it for as long as he lives.

10. Take a train ride

Some people really get a kick out of trains. Just being around them can make some guys turn into a little kid again. If your friend loves trains then why not have their stag party on the rails.