11 Best Gifts for the Groom from the Best Man

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Since wedding days usually revolve around the bride, it is important to make sure that the groom isn’t feeling left out.

A sentimental gift could be just what he needs to forget about the wedding jitters. As a best man or groomsman, you should focus on two main things while buying a gift for the groom.

Best Gifts for the Groom From The Best Man

One, it should be something he can use on the day of the wedding. Two, it should provide plenty of utility so he can enjoy it for years to come. But if you are unsure of what to get the groom, check out our suggestions below.

Customized Cigar Humidor

A cigar humidor is perfect for storing cigars without wasting the tobacco level due to humidity. If the groom is an avid cigar smoker or enjoys it occasionally, a customized humidor will make a classy and practical gift. Choose a good-quality wooden box with fine gold details that will look fantastic on his bedroom shelf.

To make the gift even more special, you can engrave his initials or add his wedding date to the box. He will definitely thank you for this gift as he indulges in a cigar before the ceremony.

A Bottle Opener

A rustic wooden bottle opener with laser engraving will make an excellent display piece as well as a handy utensil. Unlike other kitchen items, this little tool will not be pushed back into the depths of a drawer. If you feel like going out of your way to make the groom happy, you can add a six-pack of his favorite beer. This way, he can crack open a cold one on the day of the wedding, making instant use of your gift.

A Customized Leather Belt

Belts are quite an essential component of a man’s wardrobe. You can easily find high-quality Italian leather belts that also offer the option to customize. You can either add his initials or even a short sentimental message. Embossing your best wishes for his wedding day, a personal inside joke, or a thank you for his friends are all creative options that will surely be appreciated.

A Zipper Folio

If the groom is often traveling, gift him a high-quality leather zipper folio so he can get his things in order. These zipper folios are designed to protect and store practically anything, from laptops to notebooks to cell phones and credit cards. Plus, they will look super elegant sitting on his office desk or bedroom.

Customized Leather Cufflinks

Cufflinks are an important wedding accessory for the groom that ties the entire outfit together. Gifting him a classy pair of customized cufflinks means that he will have one less accessory to worry about. Another reason that makes this gift so viable is its price point. If you cannot afford to spend hundreds of pounds on the perfect present, cufflinks are your best bet. Not only will the groom make use out of them on the wedding day, but he can also keep using them for other future events.

Groom Whisky Set

A Whiskey Set

If the groom enjoys his occasional whiskey, an essential whiskey set is just what he needs. Go for a customizable set, where you can engrave his initials both on the box as well as the glasses. This will help add a touch of personalization that he can show off in front of his friends and family. Plus, he can use the set to indulge in a glass of whiskey on the day of the wedding.

An Airbnb Gift Certificate

An Airbnb gift certificate makes for an excellent present that will help the groom plan his honeymoon. This certificate can be used to lodge in an apartment in Italy or a house in Bali. They can even use it to unwind in a small yet cozy place by the beach before starting their actual honeymoon.

If you want to pamper the groom before the wedding, give him the certificate, so he takes some time off. A quick escapade before the wedding is a perfect gift that will allow him to recharge in time for his big day.

A Custom-made Poker Set

Give the groom a chance to keep the tradition of ‘Boys Night’ alive with a poker set. For a more special touch, get the box customized with fine details that the groom will enjoy. To ease the pre-wedding stress, have a go at a game of poker with the guys and hopefully start a new tradition.

A Fitbit Smart Watch

Just because he’s married doesn’t mean he can give up on his fitness goals, right? You can remind the groom to look after himself by gifting a Fitbit SmartWatch. Physical exercise is excellent for relieving wedding nerves, and a FitBit will allow him to monitor his workouts throughout the day.

In addition to that, it will also enable him to access all standard features of a SmartWatch. These include making phone calls, using voice commands, listening to music, and keeping a sleep schedule tracker.

A Customized Handkerchief

Weddings are an emotional event that can trigger a lot of tears. If you suspect that the groom will lose his cool upon seeing his partner, gift him a customized handkerchief. You can embroider his initials or perhaps a witty joke related to his waterworks during the wedding. That ought to keep the situation lighthearted and at the same time make a brilliant wedding accessory, perfect for a wedding photoshoot.

A Monogrammed Cutting Board

This is for a groom who loves to cook. Gift him a premium wood cutting board that will add a sophisticated look to the kitchen. Plus, it can be used to prepare gourmet steaks and veggies that allow him to experiment with different recipes. You can get the board monogrammed with his initials or add both his and his wife’s initials for a couple’s present.
Weddings can be a stressful event for the bride and groom. As a best man or groomsman, it is your responsibility to make sure that the groom gets the right care and attention.

Gifting him with a thoughtful and possibly personalized gift will keep him happy and occupied. Start shopping for the gift a month earlier before the wedding, so you have plenty of time to weigh your options.

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