Pocket Bulge – Empty your Pockets!

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If there is one thing that guys forget when it comes to their wedding day, then that is emptying their pockets.

Full pockets means a pocket bulge! Not a good look on your smart suit trousers which shows on every wedding photo taken.

How to keep pockets from sticking out

Things to remove from your pocket…

Phone – All the important people in your life should be there on your wedding day, of course you may need it for emergencies, however you could give this to your best man to look after, your mum or a bridesmaids to put in their bag. You don’t need it so let someone else look after it.

Money, cash, cards – It is your wedding day! People should be buying you drinks, money is just not needed, if you feel you want to take some cash then drop it in your suit pocket, just don’t take a wallet with every card you own, do you really need to take that shop loyalty card?

Keys – Another one that shouldn’t really be needed, car keys? Leave them in the hotel safe or at home, house keys? If you are staying at home then give them to someone to look after, if not leave them in the hotel safe.

When it comes to your wedding day, don’t worry about taking anything to the church other than yourself, don’t worry about taking money, your phone, they are just not needed. Leave them all at home and just enjoy the day, there is no need to take your phone, there is no need to check it constantly, there is no need to take a selfie, you have a wedding photographer. Just relax, if there is anything you must take then give it to the groomsmen, or a bridesmaid.

If you must keep something in your pockets, then use your suit jacket pockets, and make sure you remove the items when it comes to taking photos.

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