Mens Wedding Pocket Folds – Styles, & How to Fold

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So you’ve asked one of the most important questions of your life, and she said “yes.” Once you’ve set your wedding date all the details are set, the dress, the caterer, the grooms attire, and all the tiny details in between.

If you have chosen a classic look, you may find yourself contemplating pocket squares. Should you have them? What style should you choose? What style? How do you fold it?

Pocket squares offer an easy way to match the theme of your wedding without being overpowering. As a general rule, pocket squares are worn when a tie isn’t. This allows you to add a small touch of flare, without going to extremes.

For this reason pocket squares are a “must have” for any groom. While it is often worn with out a tie, you could do either. If you choose to wear the tie, you should chose a complimentary color for the square and vice versa. An example of this would be a groom with a mint green tie wearing a light pink pocket square. While they don’t match, they will compliment each other, which will ensure you stand out.

How To Fold A Pocket Square

By now, you’ve finally decided that, yes, you will wear a pocket square, but what style should you choose? And once you’ve chosen a style, how do you fold it? Luckily, there are many styles available, each special in its own way. A few of the more classic styles include the winged puff, one point, the square and the three point. For the winged puff, you start out by laying the square on a hard surface so that it resembles a diamond. Next, fold the top corner down to the bottom. It should now resemble a triangle. From here, fold your left, right and bottom corners into the center of the triangle. Finally, you will tuck this into the pocket with the unfolded corner sticking out of the pocket slightly.

The one point is less complicated in the fold, but just as beautiful. For this fold, again you will begin by laying the square on a hard surface so that it resembles a diamond.

However, with this fold, you begin by folding the bottom corner up to the top, again forming a triangle. From here you fold in both the left and right corners just slightly past center. Each side should now have a 90° corner. Finally, tuck this into your pocket with the folds facing in towards your chest.

By far the simplest to fold is the square. For this fold you begin by laying the square on a hard surface so that it forms a square. Next, you fold it in half lengthwise.

How To Fold A Pocket Square

Finally, you fold the bottom to just below the top, and flip it over. Tuck it into the pocket so that there is only a small square shown above the pocket. Lastly we have the three point. For this fold, lay the square on a flat surface to resemble a diamon, from here fold the bottom corner up to meet the top corner. Next you fold the left corner up to the right of the top point, making another peak. Finally, fold the right corner to just past the top peak, forming the third section. Complete this look by tucking it into the breast pocket, slightly above the edge. While these are all great choices, amother you may consider is called the “wave fold.”

This is accomplished by starting out with the square laid out on a hard surface and resembling a diamond.

Next, you fold the top corner down to the bottom corner. From this point, you then would fold the right corner to match the left. Following this, you will again, fold the right corner to the left corner. You should once again have a triangle, although, considerably smaller. Finally, you will fold the bottom right corner up to the top point, followed by the left. Finally, fold this in half again so that the “waves” are showing. Tuck into your pocket so that only the “waves” are visable above the pockets edge. In conclusion, no one can tell you to either wear or not wear a pocket square, but should you chose to do so, you are now equipped with numerous styles, and how to fold each. Congratulations, and best wishes for your future!

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