Best Groomsmen Gifts

With all the stress and work that goes into planning a wedding, it is the groom’s responsibility to buy gifts for his best man and his groomsmen.

It is also proper etiquette. Unfortunately, there are many men who aren’t good at giving gifts. There are some who have no problem giving their bride-to-be a gift, however, when it comes to buying a gift for their friends, it can be more difficult.

Perfect Groomsmen Gifts

If you are planning a wedding and you are having trouble finding the perfect gifts for your groomsmen, you should be able to find the perfect gift on the list below.

Will You Be My Groomsman Cigar Box

Will You Be My Groomsman Cigar Box

A great way to ask your mate to be your bestman, or a groomsmen with this tux cigar box that can have personalised text added where you can ask a question such as ‘will you be my bestman?’ or perhaps thank them for being your bestman. This is ideal as a gift before or after the wedding for people that have help you on your special day, such as groomsmen, your parents or the ushers. The only thing you need to remember is to buy and out a cigar in there as this is just the box only.

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Groomsmen Gift Leather Toiletry Bag

Groomsmen Gift Leather Toiletry Bag
A personalised leather hand made toiletry bag perfect for your groomsmen, they heat emboss initials into the bag making it unique to each person. A luxury gift that will be used. Handmade In Portland Oregon they ship worldwide and have a great selection of other leather personalised items too.

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Groomsmen Group Caricature

The Groomsmen Group Caricature is a fun gift that your groomsmen can have forever.

Groomsmen Group Caricature

To order the gift, you would simply upload a group photo of you and all of your groomsmen. When the photos and payment are received, a caricature would be created of the entire group. There are several different themes to choose from and it is something that your groomsmen would love.

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Personalized Flask

One of the most common gifts that grooms give their groomsmen are flasks. Not only is a flask a great keepsake, it can also come in very handy during the wedding. Most men hate the production of wedding photos. If your friends are going to be in the wedding, they should expect a relatively lengthy photo shoot after the ceremony.

Personalized Flask

The groomsmen can fill up their flasks before the ceremony so that they will have a little pick me up to get them through the photos before they can get a drink at the reception. This is a great gift because it comes not only with a personalized flask, it also has a personalized lighter. Even if your groomsmen aren’t smokers, there is always someone who is looking for a lighter.

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Other great Gift Ideas

Personalized 12-Pack

If you were planning to make a DIY groomsman’s gift, a personalized 12-pack is a great idea. Start with choosing a cooler for each of the groomsmen This cooler comes in green or navy blue and each man’s initials can be embroidered on the front. Next, go to the liquor store and purchase a 12-pack of each man’s favorite type of beer and load up their coolers. After they have finished all the beer, they will still have a personalized cooler to remember the day.

BBQ Grilling Set With Personalized Bamboo Case

If you want to get your groomsmen something that they can actually use, a grilling set is an excellent idea. The kit comes with the basic tools that you will need for grilling and they come in a personalized case. It is a great gift for any men since most men love to barbecue.

Chalkboard Beer Mug

If your groomsmen love a cold beer on occasion, this is a great gift idea. It is a typical beer mug, but it has a chalkboard attached to the side. This gives you a chance to write any message for your groomsmen that you would like. The mugs even come with chalk so that your groomsmen can write their own funny messages on the mug when they get it home.

Personalized Money Clip

If you are looking for a gift that is more on the traditional side, a money clip is a great choice. If you are planning to give out money clips, you can have each of them personalized with the groomsmen’s initials.

Your Buddy’s Buddies

This is a gift that just about anyone will enjoy. If you are having an oddball pairing of groomsmen who have nothing much in common standing up for you, this gift should please them all. The gift contains a personalized shot glass and a pocket knife. The two are in a beautiful box complete with the groomsman’s name on it.

Choosing the right groomsmen’s gifts isn’t always the easiest thing to do. The list above contains something for everyone, therefore, you should find the perfect gift for the men in your life who are going to be there for you on your big day.