Top 9 Best Beach Honeymoon Destinations

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The time has arrived, and you must decide soon where you will go on your honeymoon. With so many options, it’s best to narrow it down so here it is. Some of the best beach honeymoon destinations for wedding couples. Face it, the beaches all over the world are plentiful and most of all, beautiful!

Best Beach Honeymoon Destinations

They have their own distinct views, activities, resorts, restaurants, culture, people,..etc. for any newlywed to enjoy. These are the best in the world and narrowed for that special couple; surveyed and truly a must for a post wedding vacation such as the honeymoon.

1. Tahiti

Why go? According to U.S. News and World Report, Tahiti is the number 1 honeymoon destination in the world. With the French Plateau de Taravao, French Polynesia within the island, it’s an experience any newlywed couple will enjoy. The best time to go is between late April through October.


Where to stay? There are plenty of resorts and villas along the entire island to stay at. There’s plenty of hotels and resorts along with miles of beaches.

What to do? Go to the La Plaga de Maui which is one major reason why tourists flock here. The stretch of beach is amazing. Additionally, the natural walks that a couple can take while sightseeing and hiking to the waterfalls can be a great half day exploration.

2. Bora Bora Beach (Philippines)

Why go? Many honeymooners have enjoyed the landscape and the beauty of the ocean from all angles. It’s a “dream-like” vacation for a newly married couple keeping the romantic getaway that will be far more than just a honeymoon. There’s packages which will allow you to relax, play, shop, dine, dance, and simply have fun for the post wedding bliss.

Bora Bora

Where to stay? One of the best places to stay in these islands are on the beach in the huts.

What to do? The beaches of the islands, taking part in various sightseeing activities, also, sports’ activities, and plenty of shopping or simply taking walks along guided trails.

3. St. Barts Beach

Why go? A beautiful and elegant looking beach for any couple who needs to spend the beginning of their lives together as Mr. and Mrs. In fact, it has a backdrop of the French Riviera and the Caribbean but with a touch of more class.

Where to stay? Most of the villas that are in the vicinity are intimate in nature, naturally because of the setting and backdrop. While they are quaint, private and unique, it is exactly this that make it perfect for a couple because of the gardens, the nice looking balconies which overlook the ocean making it ideal for a romantic vacation as well.

What to do? The couple can begin their honeymoon on the beach sunbathing and maybe a boat ride for the two newlyweds planning a destination honeymoon. With the gorgeous Colombier beach, you both can go on a boat or take a romantic stroll to the sandy beach. It’s considered one of the beaches that has an amazing aqua-marine color to it and naturally swimming is encouraged.

4. Koh Tao, Thailand

Why go? The reason why you should go here is why settle for one area when you can have the entire beach Why settle for one breathtaking beach when you can experience a dozen?

Koh Tao Beach

Where to stay? Adults-only are normally along the beaches and inner town. They actually feature huts and are perched huts. There are normally panoramic views, pools, in door and out door facilities adn balconies with pavilions towards the water that are perfect for the newlyweds. Thailand has swimming pools and Jacuzzis that are private and ideal for two, although you have to book this type of accommondation way in advance.

What to do? There’s plenty to do and one is to relax because after your wedding, you’ll need it. When you find out that there’s plenty to do, you’ll find every reason why you need to stay another day. Take in the serene sounds and private beach atmosphere. Couples are encourage to go for long walks on the beach and plan on going scuba diving with the locals.

5. Boracay Beach

Why go? According to some recent honeymooners, one of the best beaches world-wide is Boracay Beach in Asia. It’s considered one of the best beaches in Asia and especially for honeymooners according to

Boracay Beach

Where to stay? Staying on the beach is nothing new. There’s plenty of resorts, huts, villas, and rentals that you can stay as long as you make the appropriate accommodations. Although, what makes it a little different from many other beaches is the boating community where tourists sleep in as well.

What to do? Fishing and scuba diving is one of the popular things to do around this beach.

6. The Galápagos Islands, Ecuador

Why go? Excellence is normal for the people on the beach. The fire lights up the night away while locals cater to guests and travelers ensuring a great time during the visit. When it comes to accommodating couples, especially those who “just married,” time is of the essence.

Where to stay? With your stay at the islands, rent 3 months to a year in advance. There are rentals such as Casa Opuntia (3 bedrooms and 3 1/2 baths)that has excellent services. Normally, there’s a full staff. Either way you can be sure that they’ll take care of you and your spouse’s needs, it’s walking distance too from Tortuga Bay Beach, and well worth the walk from Casa Opuntia. Another places you both can stay at is at the Galapagos Cottages, or at the Wooden House Lodge which is a bed and breakfast type rental. If you are adventurous, stay on a yacht, you’ll find plenty of those and normally are daily to 1 week trips.

What to do? Spend time on the islands while swimming in one of the water holes. The water is teal in color and snorkeling and fishing are part of the main things to do during your stay. There’s an abundance of food when the weather is fair, this means fishing is great. There is more than 200 types of fishes, so cameras are encouraged. Diving is another big attraction for couples. Additionally, going to caves and swimming through various areas that only a local will know is one of the most adventureous thing newlyweds frequent.

7. Cozumel, Mexico (Chankanaab Bay)

Why go? Popular with newlyweds, Cozumel, Mexico is one of the top 10 Best beaches in the world for honeymooners. The beaches are abundant with things to do. The water is gorgeous and so are the people. In fact, there are celebrity findings year round.

Mexico Beach

Where to stay? The oceanfront properties and rentals in the downtown area are normally booked now for December. Contacting the private and the luxurious villas, or affordable apartments and rooms for rent are also common to stay at.

What to do? Taking a private tour to go swimming, snorkeling, or sailing on a private boat ride to a nearby tavern are some of the things couples find to do when landing on the islands. More so is the visiting of the museums, churches, and art shows. In addition, taking long walks on the beachs such as Paradise Beach or the Cozumel Beach is all worth the honeymoon in Mexico. Although, there are four geological reefs such as the Santa Rosa Wall, Chankanaab Reef, Palancar Reef, or the Columbia Reef that are frequented by snorkelers.

8. Fiji

Why Go: Fiji is surrounded by beautiful coral reefs which result in the magnificent lagoons and gorgeous beaches. It’s one of the beaches that still utilize their materials and recycle it back to the area. By making the traditional bungalows, visitors stay in them at a very affordable rate.

Where to stay: There’s a place like Likuliku Lagoon Resort Fiji which is pricey but for a honeymoon, it’s worth it. It’s an all inclusive stay too! On Malolo Island, there’s also the “famous overwater thatched-roof bungalows” normally built by locals.

What to do: You can take the nature walks or view the Mamanuca Islands, go snorkeling or visit the other nearby villages. Exploration is common as you will want to wander off to see the ancient sites.

9. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Why Go: Considered the “best-looking” beach for beachgoers. The iconic beaches here have a backdrop of breathtaking mountains. One of the best places to visit at this time of year, especially for the newlyweds. It’s gorgeous and with plenty of water activities and nightlife, there’s no other place that will capture the essence of romance than Rio de Janerio.

Rio de Janeiro

Where to stay: There are many iconic places to stay, such as the Belmond which is one of the riches and most famous places to stay at. This place is frequented by celebrities and has been around for more than 90 years. Additionally, there are rentals and condos that are available, and are a bit more private.

What to do: Christ the Redeemer statue is normally a busy attraction for tourists. The theatre, hiking trails, visiting museams, monuments, and mountains are some other things couples go to. The Parque Lage and the Sugarloaf Mountain are two popular hotspots for newlyweds as well. If you like to dine and dance, don’t worry there’s plenty of places to dine, dance, and be married!

Finally, when you are ready to decide which beach is the best for your honeymoon, booking well in advance is important. Once you do this, you’ll be able to concentrate on the other things you and your new spouse will need. Passports and visas are another “must” before packing your bags specifically for your wedding honeymoon. Having fun is the other thing to do no matter where you and your spouse honeymoon at.

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