15 Popular Navy Blue Groom Suits for your Wedding

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Navy suits are a popular choice for the groom at weddings however there are many choices, different shades, different combinations and different styles to choose from. Depending on the action and weather a 3 piece is a great choice and always looks smart, a navy suit allows you to mix and match the with a different style or coloured waistcoat, perhaps a grey waistcoat or maybe tweed.

Then there is the shade of blue, a dark navy or a sky blue perfect for a beach wedding. There are many, different combinations and styles however we have rounded up 15 popular styles and trends when it comes to a navy suit.

Navy Blue Suit Trends

Check out these navy suits that are popular choices for grooms and groomsmen. Mix and match with a different waistcoat or how about a quirky bow tie?

Navy Blue Suit Trends

Are you going to wear navy at your wedding? What combo are you going for?



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