Tuxedo vs Suit: What is the Difference?

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These two outfits share a lot of standard features and they both look great on men whether they are the best man, groom, wedding guest or even father of the bride.

They are also termed as formal men’s wear which is appropriate for every wedding right from indoor ballroom events to backyard evening reception.

The two words are used interchangeably, but there is a big difference between them. This article will outline all the differences showing you which how to choose the right one for your event.

Tuxedo vs Suit

So what is the key difference? The main difference between a suit and tuxedo is the presence of satin.

Tuxedos are known to have cloth on various points of the trouser. There is satin on the lapels, pocket trim, buttons as well as on the side stripe down the leg of the trouser.

On the other hand, suits do not have any satin. Suits are fitted with plastic buttons faced with the same material as the coat which is also known as self-buttons. Traditionally tuxedos were worn together with a bow tie and a cummerbund or vest while suits were worn along with a link or sometimes with a matching vest.

It did not mean that a suit could not be worn together with a bow tie or tuxedo with a tie. This was a traditional rule and had to be adhered by all the people, but to some extent, the other way was accepted.

The Differences

Tuxedo vs Suit: What is the Difference?

They also have a different meaning when worn on a wedding day. The wedding day was believed to be a special day for man and wife to be and wearing a nice suit was thought to make them happier as well as presentable. After the wedding, the same suit can be worn to work and other days of the year giving you peaceful mind due to decent dressing. Wearing a tuxedo was believed to set you and this day apart from the rest.

A well put suit will always pass a message that you are very well competent, put together and a productive member of society. This reason makes them great for the work place and also in less formal functions. However, a tuxedo can only be used when sharing moments together in one place for example when meeting you spouse on holidays or off-days. Wearing it on other occasions will make you look awkward and confused.

Shirt style is another difference which can be discussed. Researchers have shown that white shirts that have turndown or wing collar can be worn together with a tuxedo. On the other hand, they have shown that suits can only be worn with different types of dress shirts in a stable pattern or color to make one presentable.

Tuxedos are preserved for night or evening events only. They are also suitable for formal occasions for example charity galas, opera night, or even in black-tie weddings. Black patent shoes are perfect for this type of dressing.

However, Suits can be worn on all the occasions on any day. They are also appropriate for less casual events like dates and business meetings which require one to dress officially. Oxford or slip on shoes and loafers are worn together with suits and are widely accepted.

These two types of clothing come in a variety of colors. The most common ones are black and also varying shades of grey. The suit fits all the colors which please your eyes and even your spouse. Tux colors are chosen depending on the time and season of the planned event; you may decide to pick light colored tux which is appropriate for all seasons.

When selecting the color, you should also remember to match your bowties, ties for suits, vests or even cummerbunds to the events scheme. This way incorporates the theme adding a splash of color to your classic tux or suit and also making the wedding colors.

Benefits to own over renting either

Comfort: purchasing your cloth will make you more comfortable since many rentals are polyester making their garments unbreathable.

Wear it more than once: buying a tuxedo or suit is one way of investing in your wardrobe allowing you to wear it in many occasions of your choice.

Perfect fit for you: tailors are experienced in fitting your suit or tuxedo to make sure it fits you perfectly. Rentals may not give you accurate fit because they are not specially designed for you.
No one can wear it except you: some rentals rent suits and tuxedos which should be retired. This benefit enables you to get what you have paid for meaning that it’s you alone who will be in control of it.

Quality: most of suits and tuxedos are made from fine wool and are mostly made in Italy. Fine wool ensures that the clothes will serve you for many years of continuous wear. this makes it most durable clothes due to its quality.


The difference between these two names is mainly minor but purchasing the right one for your wedding or any other event makes your day colorful. You can spice up these clothes by adding color to its accessories or even choosing a suit or tuxedo in a fun color.

Selecting the color that suits your event is necessary since it makes you fit for the arranged also giving you peace of mind. This will make you handsome regardless of whether you are wearing a beautiful tux or a nice suit. When purchasing these materials, you should look for quality and the style used to make it whether it fits the value of money you are charged. Expensive suits or tux are believed to be the best and are available in all perfect sizes.

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