How Much Does a Wedding Tuxedo Cost?

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A classic tuxedo can be the perfect choice for your wedding day. It is a choice that feels both modern and timeless and completely apt for the groom on the grandest day of his life.

How Much Does a Wedding Tux Cost?

When you admire the overall look of a tuxedo, you may see a simple construction with a reasonable price tag. In truth though, tuxedos are elegantly formal but they have a host of factors that drive up its price tag. These include:

  • Choice of fabric
  • Cut
  • Color
  • The number of people it will take to prepare the tuxedo
  • Accessories

These factors and a lot more cause the tuxedo prices to vary in the tuxedo world. Here is a simple guide to decode what an average price range could be.

Tuxedos are Expensive – Period

There is no doubt that tuxedos are expensive outfits and even more pricey than wedding suits. The accessories alone cause a significant increase in the final price. Let’s take the example of Bonobos tuxedos.

Tuxedos from this brand start at a low of $900 but if you’re planning to get a wedding suit from here, you can find something good within $500. You can see the wide price difference and it is not difficult to guess the intricate work and detailing that goes into a tuxedo is the reason.

Wedding Tuxedo – Average Price

You have already noted the wide difference between a wedding tuxedo and a wedding suit, so you prepare a budget from $900 onwards to buy a new one. Of course, if you can afford to splurge that much, we strongly encourage you to do make the investment because nothing looks as grand, utterly masculine and sleek than a tuxedo.

It‘s the perfect choice of outfit for a groom and certainly of other formal events, like company dinners, close family and friend weddings etc. that one surely attends every now and then.

The Price Dictating Factors

When buying a wedding tuxedo, you need to take note of several factors that determines its overall price. For example, the fabric, designs, team of tailors, and any alterations necessary to fit into the tuxedo like second skin.

In most cases, the designer itself is the most influential factor in the final price of a wedding tuxedo. If you’re opting for a totally elite, high-end designer, you can very well expect a price tag worth a couple of thousands of dollars.

You can also find several designers that offer high-quality tuxes within a reasonable budget, offering a multitude of fabric choices, accessories and fitting options. For every price point you look at, you will find chic options both online and in-store.

Extras you have to pay for a Wedding Tuxedo

Like we have been emphasizing upon, tuxedos are more complex than jackets, shirts and dress pants. They’re a classic creation and all the extra pieces come together in a final grand piece, including the cuff links, lapels and bow tie etc.

With so many details going in, you can expect an extra hundred dollars to keep adding to the base price of your chosen tux. Let’s take a look at some of the extras of a wedding tuxedo that you will have to pay for:

What’s the average cost for alterations?

Unless you get a custom-tailored tuxedo, you will surely need some alterations to get the perfect fit on your ready-made one. Often when you pick up ready pieces, you find hanging off your shoulders, suffocating you or if you’re lucky, fitting your form perfectly.

But not everyone is lucky to find the perfect fit and grooms most commonly have to get some extra tailoring work on their wedding tuxedo. Regardless of where you get the alterations from, it will cost your extra dollars in addition to the final price. Most alteration-tasks that go beyond the hems add quite significantly to the final bill.

Furthermore, if you take your tuxedo to a warehouse or a supply store, you will see an already set price list for the list of alterations people usually need. In any case, you must not keep a budget less than $50 or $100 dollars for the adjustments. If you’re extremely lucky, you may come upon a place that offers basic alterations for free, such as the hem but most don’t.

Choice of Accessories

When you’re shopping for your wedding, just getting a tuxedo is not going to satisfy you. You’ll surely want all the extras for your final look, including shoes, socks, tie pin, a tie, cufflinks, a vest and a pocket square too.

Even if your add-ons are very basic and non-fussy, they’d still manage to double up your tuxedo’s price. However, the positive note is that you will have great things in your closet after your investment, for future use.

If the kind of custom tuxedo you desire falls beyond the typical black and white color palette, you will have to pay extra for that too. In fact, even fabric choices beyond the traditional ones cost extra, such as velvet and wool for winter weddings.

Rental and Cleaning Fees for Wedding Tuxedos

Renting a tuxedo is a great alternative for those grooms who want to have a formal wedding and choose the traditional classic attire but will not be using it again. It is a common practice for groomsmen to hire their tuxes for the big day but even grooms can take that route.

In US, the average cost of wedding tuxedo rentals is around $100 to $199. But even with rentals, grooms may have to get some alterations done for the perfect fit. It is also common for rental facilities to make the people pay for the cleaning and security fees.

The good thing is that nearly all cleaners have reasonably price rates when it comes to cleaning each garment piece but it is still a good idea to take quotes in advance if you’re working within a budget.

Final Thoughts

A wedding tuxedo is an expensive purchase; even one a groom chooses the most basic and common cut and style. In addition to several accessories, one also has to factor in the alteration-needs, the choice of fabric and color and dry-cleaning in the final price. However, investing in a tuxedo for the most important day of your life and future uses is a great idea.

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