Can you Wear Wingtip Shoes to a Wedding?

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Do you have to attend a wedding but can’t find the perfect shoes for your suit? Wingtip shoes come to your rescue.

These beautiful shoes are elegant for all formal events such as corporate dinners and weddings.

Wing tip shoes at a wedding?

In this guide, we are going to offer an overview of wingtip shoes and why they make the perfect men’s shoes for all occasions, including weddings.

What does Wingtip Mean on A Shoe?

Broadly speaking, a wingtip refers to any shoe in which the toecap extends with low ‘wings’ that reach around the shoe’s side. When looking for wingtip designs, you will come across half and brogue varieties. When we say brogued shoes, we refer to the decorative perforations along the toecap’s edges. But these elements can be in other parts of the shoe as well.

Some wingtip shoes boast wings that go all the way around the shoe to meet at the shoe’s back. Some wingtips come in a ‘two tone’ color scheme in which the shoe’s body has one color, and the wings are in another color.

While there are numerous varieties of wingtip shoes, they have one feature in common: the extended toecap with wings. Shoemakers began experimenting with different designs as they become more popular.

If you look closely, the wingtip is just a regular toecap but in a curvy shape. While the history of the toecap’s design is uncertain, it originally served to protect the shoe from excessive wear and tear. Today, the wingtip is an elegant and popular design for all special occasions, such as a wedding.

If we reflect on the history and legacy of wingtips, the real purpose of the brogue was to protect the shoes from wear and tear. Back in England, men had to keep wearing soaking wet shoes because it would always rain. Since there was not any way to dry the shoes or waterproof them, cobblers introduced brogues to allow easy airflow.

What is the difference between Oxford and Wingtip Shoes?

The Wingtip Oxford features a pointed toecap and extensions or wingtips. These wings extend along the shoe’s sides. While it is an oxford, we typically refer to it as a Brogue. If we look at the design from above, the cap has an ‘M’ or ’W’ shape.

Some people often confuse the term Derby or Oxford with Brogue. Remember, we characterize Oxford by its lacing system or ‘closed lacing.’ However, a derby features an ‘open lacing’ feature wherein the eyelets are connected to the top of the vamp.

An interesting thing to remember is that Brogues are not always Oxfords, and Oxfords are not always Brogues. The presence/absence of broguing and the lacing system are the determining features.

Can I Wear Wingtips With Suit?

Whether you are shopping for a suit for your wedding or a business meeting, don’t forget to buy wingtips that complete your overall look.
Generally, men prefer wearing wingtips with brogues for a formal look. The amount of broguing on the shoe decides whether it’s appropriate to wear with it with or without a tie. You can skip the tie if the shoe is less decorative.

The extra texture of the wingtips makes them a perfect men’s accessory to pair up with suits. The best part is you can wear these fancy shoes with both casual and formal wedding attire. Made for suits, the classic wingtip shoes streamline a lavish suit and accentuate a casual look. Remember to pair up the colors well. For example, if you are wearing a navy blue suit, go for brown wingtips.

Can you Wear Wingtips to a Wedding?

Yes, of course! In fact, wingtips are the most popular type of shoes for any casual or formal wedding because you won’t feel dated while wearing these traditional shoes.

The design adds an alluring charm to your wedding suit, whether you are the best man, groom, or just a guest. That’s why every man who likes to indulge in luxurious shoes and accessories has a fine collection of cufflinks, ties, and a few pairs of wingtips.

Celebrating special occasions such as weddings is all about having fun times with friends and family. However, if you love celebrating looking well-groomed and attractive, wingtips let you dance the night away in style.

How to Take Care of your Wingtips

Much like all leather shoes, wingtips give you unmatched durability. If you treat them with love and care, you could be handing them down to your kids in a decade. Here are a few tips to take care of your prized wingtips so you can wear them at all memorable weddings.

Keep them Dry

Although these shoes can withstand the test of time, avoid wearing them back to back. You should give leather shoes a full day for drying them out completely. Give them a minimum of 24 hours because the leather will warp if you don’t let them dry. Don’t keep them near a radiator to dry them rapidly. That’s because rapid drying will only wreck your wingtips. You can use newspapers within the shoe to draw out the moisture.

Wear them using a Shoe Horn

If you use a shoehorn to wear or take off your shoe, this will keep the shoes’ back strong. This proven tip will definitely add more years to your favorite pair’s life.

Clean and Polish

You can breathe a new life into your wingtips by applying a high-quality wax polish regularly. This tip will keep the leather supple and moist to prevent the shoe from any crack. Don’t forget to wipe them clean before you smear on polish. Pick the excess polish out of the broguing with a toothpick.

Final Thoughts

There is nothing like a fine pair of wingtips for your own or a friend’s wedding. Give your look a bit of edge and personality with wingtips. If you want a blend of traditional and contemporary design elements, these are the perfect shoes for any wedding. Wingtips will transform your average suit and turn it into an impressive wedding outfit.

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