Buying The Right Shoes For your Wedding

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When it comes to style shoes say it all and not just on your wedding day. What you wear on your feet can give a great impression or the completely wrong impression.

If they look flimsy then people may think you are a cheap skate, if they look worn and a bit tatty then they may think you don’t care about your appearance, yet a smart polished pair of shoes can not only make you look stylish but give you a boost to your confidence.

At some point in their life, nearly every man is bound to attend some weddings. Whether it be for your best friend or your own wedding, men everywhere will at some point have to ask themselves what suit and shoes they will have to wear for such a momentous occasion. Here, we will run through a list of different types of men’s wedding shoe brands, what to wear them with, and what color of shoe matches with which colored suits.

Wedding Suit Shoe Guide

So what about your wedding day, you may have known your partner for 5 years so she knows you are not a cheap skate, or have terrible fashion sense, but this is about looking your very best, making her go wow just like how you will go when you see her.

You may already have some shoes that you wear for work, black or brown that are perfect for your suit, but these maybe a little worn, a little scuffed, so make sure you set a side a budget for shoes, they are just as important as the suit. You can have the best tailored suit that fits perfectly and looks great, but you can ruin this whole look with scruffy looking shoes, or even the wrong colour shoes, it is a simple mistake to make but a simple solution to get it right.

Which colour shoes with which suit?

Our simple infographic shoes you which shoes go with which style suit, this allows you to quickly narrow down what you can and cannot wear.

Which colour shoes with which suit?

You can read our full guide here.

Buying the right shoes

When it comes to buying shoes for your wedding day you have a few options in terms of style, you can then find a style you like and then the colour your require to go with your suit.

The Derby

Originally designed as a more sturdy shoes for hunting they do look very smiler to the Oxford as mentioned before.

If you look closely you will see that the difference is in the laces and tongue, where as the Oxford was closed stitched on the Derby’s are open laced where you can see the tongue of the shoe. Here there are two flaps that wrap around the tongue of the shoe which are held tight by the laces. These shoes are less formal than Oxfords but are still a stylish and smart option.

The Oxford

The most formal choice for your wedding day, the oxford which is also known as Balmoral too is a lace up shoe that has closed stitching. These and Derby shoes are the only styles that have laces where as others are buckles or loafers, these are a timeless classic that ensures there is no gap where the laces are gives a very formal and smart look.

One of the most popular styles of men’s dress shoes is the Oxford shoe. Oxfords are known throughout the world as the quintessential men’s dress shoe, and many men already own a pair. Oxford shoes feature laces. Secondly, the lacing system must be a closed lace system, as opposed to open lace. Further, Oxford shoes must feature an exposed ankle and a low heel.

Several different types of Oxford shoes have become popular over the years. The most simple and popular style is the plain Oxford, which consist of just the vamp and the quarters of the shoe.

Most commonly found in black, you can also occasionally find a pair in brown or tan. Offering a simple, elegant style, black Oxfords can be worn with practically any color suit and, in particular, will look good with a tuxedo, any suit in a shade of grey, blue, or even tan or brown. Brown Oxfords will look great with a blue suit.

What about Brogues?

Brogues are a style and can be found on Oxford or Derby shoes where you will see broguing or perforations along the edges of the individual leather pieces and thus can be called Brogues. Characteristics include:

  1. Presence of toe caps.
  2. Presence of heel caps.
  3. Presence of lace panels.
  4. Presence of Broguing or decorative perforations.

Brogues are less formal but can still be included on your wedding day, we would recommend half brogues or quarter brogues as they are not too elaborate and maintain the formality of the suit and the day itself.

The Monk

With no idea to the name of these, they have no laces and use a buckle to close them. They are usually found with one or two buckles that go across the shoe to close. These are a little different and with the differing buckle widths can make a great and comfortable fit.

Another extremely popular style of men’s dress shoe is the monk strap. Monk strap shoes, instead of laces, feature straps and a buckle to keep them securely fastened. Monk strap shoes have a rich history in menswear, and initially were considered to be somewhat of an “in between shoe”, being too casual for formal events and too formal for every day wear.

This stigma, however, has gone away and now Monk strapped shoes are renowned for their versatility, able to be worn in either formal or more casual settings.

Leather and suede are the most popular materials for monk strap shoes, and both are readily available and easy to find. There are three primary colors of Monk strap shoes, each of which goes well with a different color suit. Brown, ranging from light to dark shades, is probably the most popular color right now, and can be worn with just about any color and in pretty much any setting.

If you are going to a wedding with a slightly more casual feel, brown monk straps are an excellent choice, however they are not suitable for a black tie affair. Monk strap shoes also come in burgundy, which serve as an excellent choice to pair with a blue suit. Black monk straps, while likely the least popular of the three, are also available and go great with a tuxedo or a grey or charcoal suit.

The Loafer

Finally there is the loafer, another style of shoe that you will see that is popular on an evening out, a shoe that has no laces and is a smart casual option. The loafer depending on the style can look less informal and more relaxed, almost slipper like.  That being said you can also find very smart loafers that can look very formal too, they are a great option and it will depend on the style you want and how formal you wish your shoes to be depending on the wedding.

Loafers are an additional popular men’s dress shoe. Loafers are unique in that, unlike Oxford shoes or monk straps, they do not feature any fastening system and instead can be simply slipped on and off.

As with monk strap shoes, loafers will mainly be made from either leather or suede. For many years, loafers were considered to only be a casual shoe, but they have recently risen to prominence in more formal situations. Several different types of loafers are available, each of which can work with varying types of events and weddings.

For a casual wedding, penny loafers can be an excellent choice. They feature a leather strap across the front, and are cut into a kind of elongated diamond shape. Penny loafers are commonly found in shades of brown, and go excellently with chinos, khaki pants, or corduroy pants.

Belgian loafers are similar to penny loafers, with the main difference being that Belgian loafers feature a small bow on the front in addition to the leather strap.

Finally, horsebit loafers (also known as Gucci loafers, after the famed Italian designer who introduced them) are the last loafer option suitable for wear in a formal setting. These loafers are distinct from the others because instead of a bow or simple leather strap, the horsebit loafer features a metal bar across the front.

Frequently featuring some kind of design, the metal ornamentation is meant to add a touch of class and formality to the shoe.

For extremely formal weddings, black leather horsebit loafers will probably be your best choice. They are extremely versatile and can go with almost any color suit. In particular, they look good with a black, grey, or charcoal suit. A leather horse bit or Belgian loafer will be your best selection, while suede loafers offer a more casual style to go with chinos, jeans, or other more casual pants.

What about trainers?

Shoes are the traditional choice, however it is your wedding and if you wish to wear trainers or Converse trainers to your wedding, then why the hell can’t you!


The type of shoe to wear to a wedding will always be highly dependent on the overall feel of the event itself, including how formal or casual the wedding is meant to be, and what role a man is playing in the wedding.

For more formal events, you can never go wrong selecting an Oxford or monk strap shoe. Monk straps, in particular, can even work for more casual events depending on their style.

For more casual weddings, suede penny loafers can serve as a comfortable and dressed down, but still stylish, option for any man. Horsebit loafers, with their added flare and style in the metal bar across the front, are another excellent choice for formal affairs. Even more so than type of shoe, matching colors between shoes and suits is the most important element of looking stylish.

For color matching between shoes and suits, there are a couple general rules to remember. First is that only black shoes go with a black suit or tuxedo.

For navy suits, black, brown or burgundy will be your best options. Dark grey suits match best with black or burgundy shoes; and you can pair light grey suiting with black, brown, or burgundy. Follow these rules and this simple style guide and make sure you are the most stylish man at your next wedding.

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