9 Top Shoe Brands for Grooms and Groomsmen

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Choosing the right footwear for your big day is as important as choosing the best fitting suit. After all, shoes make a major part of your entire wedding look and a groom must give them as much attention as the other details of his wedding. This means shopping from only the best shoe brands for your big day.

In fact, not only grooms but even the choice of footwear of the groomsmen makes a major impact on the overall wedding party look. We can all agree how ill-fitting it would seem for groomsmen and the groom to be wearing mismatched shoes on the big day. It would even look terrible in the all the pictures and no one wants to mess up their perfect wedding day.

Best Shoe Brands For the Groom

Fortunately, we all share the obsession for the terrific wedding shoes and there are a couple of brands from which to shop for. No matter what your choice of outfit may be for the big special day, these brands ensure that their footwear is the perfect finishing touch for your ultra glamorous and stylish wedding look.

1. Church’s

This brand offers handmade shoes from Northampton, England to grooms and groomsmen everywhere. Their footwear is a step ahead than the rest in quality, style, comfort and finish. Now being a top brand, it is certainly not a very cheaply priced on but weddings are perhaps the only time in your life when you truly splurge.
From brogues, derby’s, to oxfords, this brand offers the best variety in every category and every man will congratulate himself on selecting such a fine brand for a very special occasion.

2. Rockport

Hardly any brands can match the reputation of these footwear manufacturers and men feel nothing less than luxurious in shoes belonging to this brand. For an occasion as special as a wedding, which typically comes only once in a lifetime, there can be nothing better than picking out the best for your overall look.

From shoes, boots to sneakers, grooms and groomsmen are sure to find the perfect pair that will blend right into their wedding theme and look better than anything the party may have envisioned.

3. Benetti

Let’s talk about Benetti. This is one of those brands offering the widest variety of stunning shoes for grooms and groomsmen. They boast of excellent craftsmanship with the finest leather material. Hardly any menswear brand can compete against the style level, quality and finesse that Benetti offers. Your big day will feel even grander when you spend it all in an investment-worthy pair from here.

4. Johnston and Murphy

This brand has been offering a stunning and qualitative line of footwear to men since long years. If you’re looking for one of the best renowned brands to shop from for your big day, Johnston and Murphy would make a worthy choice.

Their dressy footwear for men is not only stylish and high quality but also affordable for most. Your groomsmen will thank you for life when the pair of shoes you choose serves them with dedication, high comfort and durability for long years.

5. Magnanni

Weddings are the perfect opportunity in life to treat yourself and your mates to the most luxurious footwear you can find and within a decent budget. Meet Magnanni, the brand that would make a great choice for your wedding footwear. From luxury to quality, style to durability, their handcrafted pairs will make a worthy addition to your overall wedding look.

You will not regret shopping for your big day from here. From classic lace-ups to stylish boots and statement loafers, no matter what you and your groomsmen fancy, you’re sure to find it here.

6. Salvatore Ferragamo

Selvatore Ferragamo is one of the top choices for most men in Hollywood and that is a testimony to the comfort and luxury this footwear brand provides. If you are to splurge for the most special day of your life, why not invest in a worthy pair of footwear?

No groomsmen or groom would ever regret spending money on a pair of shoes from this noteworthy brand. From suede, patent to leather, you will find a variety of top-class materials here and with the reputation this brand enjoys, there’s no doubt how well a pair of shoes from here will serve you.

7. Berwick 1707

This Spanish premium footwear brand specializes in classic styles, including monkstrap shoes, boots, loafers, brogues and the dressy varieties. Whether you and your wedding party are all for suede or leather, burgundy or tan, your high-quality, high comfort and ultra stylish dreams will come true here.

If you’re looking for footwear that will take your wedding day look several notches higher in luxury, then this brand would make a great choice.

8. Cole Haan

If you’re looking for a brand for your big day that would tick the fashion label, best for the pickiest and ultra masculine boxes then Cole Haan is a splendid choice. They offer the kind of footwear variety that even the pickiest men will drool over.

The part of shopping from Cole Haan for your wedding day look is that you will not only find the perfect pair to compliment your theme but also something that will fit easily within your budget. What else can a groom and his party ask for?

9. Barker

Barker makes sure all the grooms and their groomsmen have a statement style to dazzle with on their big day. You will find a variety of boots, loafers and head turning brogues at this brand and no matter how vibrant, tradition or different your color palette is for the wedding, you’d find it here at this brand.
From blue, red to green and even multicolored footwear, Barker has it all and their Valiant Brogues are a testimony to that.

Final Thoughts

From destination weddings to summer weddings at home, nothing can make or break the special occasion than the overall attire of the groom and groomsmen. Men tend to pay less attention to how they look and what they’re wearing but not on a day as special as a wedding.

We all love to put our best foot forward on the most special day of our life so it is only right to pick the best brands for your once-in-a-lifetime indulgence. These brands are the best options for your wedding day footwear shopping.

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