Converse on your Wedding Day?

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If you are  big fan of Converse trainers and seems to be the only thing you live in then why not wear them on your wedding day?

It isn’t the norm? I have to wear shoes? Who says? It is your wedding day and you can do and wear what you like, if you feel most comfortable in Converse trainers then wear them, if they reflect you, your style and what you want to do, then you should wear them.

Don’t feel like you are breaking any rules, you won’t be the first to wear them on your wedding day and you won;’t be the last. These photos below show grooms wearing Converse trainers on their wedding day, so if you want to wear them then do it.

Wedding Converse Trainers

Here are  a few photos of couples and grooms wearing converse trainers.

There are many people on sites such as Etsy where they will customise your converse trainers, adding some sparkle, or adding your name or text such as ‘Groom’, or ‘Mr’, these work great with his and her converse trainers, where you can have Mr and Mrs on the soles.

Check out these on Etsy –

What do you think, are you going to be wearing Converse on your wedding day?

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