A Groom’s Guide to Wedding Planning

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For a significant portion of bridegrooms, planning the ideal wedding tends to be an exercise that is filled with fear.

For others, the important procedures such as choosing invitations, producing guests lists and planning for the perfect honeymoon is an important aspect of the fun.

Having said that, bridegrooms on either section of the planning aisle tend to have one factor in common: and that is there few locations where men can seek guidance and advice on improving their big day.

A Grooms Wedding Plan

Most married men will tell that you that it’s a rather simple procedure, but it takes more than just simple planning to achieve the ideal wedding. This is particularly true for guys since wedding are conventionally left to the ladies who handle all the planning and nitty gritty details.

Books and information pieces such as wedding magazines and books for men are rare, and the wedding industry is conventionally designed to appeal to women. This is why we have highlighted some of the top wedding planning for guys to consider:

Develop a good game plan

Determine the important factors and what you need to so as well. By preparing ahead of time and making good choices, you can be sure of a hassle free experience. It also goes a long way in demonstrating your commitment to the occasion. Between now and the D-day, ensure that you consider the following factors for a hassle free experience

Set your priorities straight

A good place to start would be to consider the 80/20 rule, whereby 80 percent of the wedding costs are produced based on 20 percent of your decisions. The main point here is that you need to assist your loved one with high-quality decisions. In this case, this means setting your priorities straight, such as the date, the guest list, and the locations.

For these, you need more than just approving that a particular selection is fine. In fact, you might be inclined to categorize the guest list in order of importance for convenience during the event. If you have a long list of guests, there are some basic ‘cut down’ approaches that you should consider.

For instance no kids, no dates, and no colleagues from work as well. During the date, ensure that you use `guy` reasoning to make an informed choice. For instance, you might need to avoid scheduling the wedding during the Super bowl or a famous soccer match.

Choose a high-quality team

This means that you have to select your groomsmen like it’s a the final match of a Champion League Final. In this case, you have to start with the most important, who is the best man, and then fill in the rest of the sports with rest of your close acquaintances.

Some of the main guidelines for your needs include close family members such as your brother or sister. The added advantage is that there is no law that stipulates the number of friends and family that you can include in you wedding roster.

Pick the entertainment

Entertainment is perhaps one of the most important aspects of a successful wedding. Simply put, you want to choose a good music service provider such as deejaying company to assist your with the entertainment. You might have to go as far as recommending the type of music you want to be played at the event and quality of entertainment resources.

Gentlemen's Wedding Fashion

Choose a good ring

While most men might sometimes be unsure about investing in a high-priced ring, you might want to consider the cash you might have blown on other items such as Watches, suits, laptops or even vehicles. Those items might be perishable, but your commitment to your wife is not. Therefore, ensure that you choose the appropriate solutions to suit your needs.

Develop quality vows

There is nothing better that showing your commitment in marriage by writing your vows. In the past, this might have been a tad bit difficult for most men. However, we nowadays have various resources such as the internet which you can use to produce high-quality vows that will make a lasting impression. A general rule of thumb at this point would for you to consider the factors such as fidelity, commitment and falling In love.

Choose a good tux

A good suit does well to communicate value and to demonstrate a sense of commitment to the occasion. While a tux might be a significant investment, it is a worthwhile endeavor since this is a unique point in time in your life.

Work with a good tailor and choose timeless over the contemporary tux models. Best of all, ensure that the tux fits your body contour and that you are also comfortable with it as well. Other options to consider is a tailored suit, a great way to ensure you look the best on your big day.

Organize the honeymoon

Here the job might be simple since there will be no nagging guests, parents or close acquaintances who will critique your decision making. At this point, you will only be with your wife, and it is your opportunity to demonstrate your affection for her and your commitment as well. Book the honeymoon in advance and ensure that it is both adventurous and affectionate as well.

The invitations and the cake

You may also have to consider developing high-quality invitations to your desired guests. Ensure that the invitations comprise of the appropriate messages and are thoughtful enough to suit the needs of your guest. Besides that, you also want to choose a good cake for the wedding. In this case, a good cake is not only tasteful, but it also comes with a unique aesthetic appeal that contributes to the glamor of the event as well.


All things considered, when it comes to achieving all your wedding planning goals, it is important that you make good choices. This is especially true if you are a man and you want to make a lasting positive for your loved one. We have highlighted some of the important aspects for you to consider, and there are still many thoughtful things that you can consider for your wedding planning needs.