How to Wear a Bold Colored Suit on Your Wedding Day

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This is the age of colors and bold statements. If you know or are yourself a groom who wants to rock a bold-colored suit on his wedding day, give him or yourself a big round of applause.

We love people who like to step out of their comfort zones and come up with fascinating and statement making styles. So if we see a man who is ready to ditch the customary black or gray ensemble on his wedding day and instead give everyone a treat with holder style, we love him already.

Wearing a Bold Suit for Your Wedding Day

Some grooms who want to branch out and put together more unique wedding attire but need some guidance. If you’ve come here looking for a more unconventional, statement making and bold colored wedding suit ideas, we’ve got some for you.

Without further ado, let’s look at some the classic bold wedding attire ideas for grooms.

1. Dark Red Suit

For this bold colored wedding suit, we’re taking inspiration from Burberry’s suit edition. They have the perfect shade of deep red for men and we thing it would be the perfect choice for bold wedding look.

A full suit in dark red would also be a great choice if you’re planning on organizing a traditional and highly formal wedding. Without ditching the formality and grandeur of your occasion, you’d make a bold state alright in a deep red tux or suit.

2. Deep Tan

We think the next best option in line for a bold statement is a deep tan. If you haven’t seen this look already, here’s an example of what it entails.

It’s close to the classics yet also unique enough to make the bold statement you’re aiming for. If you want to take the glam level higher with your deep tan wedding suit, pair it with black accessories. A black tie, black shoes etc would contrast rather strikingly with this one.

A deep tan shade is also suitable for those who only want to limited risk with their bold wedding attire. It is not exactly an undoable shade and carrying this one off with flair would come naturally to even the most conventional of grooms.

3. Green and Black

Now this one is a sight for sore eyes and every groom is sure to look dapper along with utterly bold and daring. A dark green suit is a step forward in fashion but what makes it even better is adding a touch of black to it.

You could all out with accessories but since you want that beautiful dark green to be the star of your look, incorporate only as much as black as necessary. Black lapels, black tie and a pair of stylish black shoes is all you need to complete your bold statement.

We know your bride is going to swoon with delight if you turn up in the combination. But don’t blame us if other ladies from your guest list feel the same. Green and black is the showstopper for this year’s weddings we tell you!

4. Let the Season be Your Guide

Now if you have decided you want to cut a bold, dashing figure at your wedding but don’t know how to, we suggest letting the season be your guide. For example, for a wedding in the freezing winters, we really think that jewel tones are ideal.

You wouldn’t go wrong with a bold color choice like emerald green or burgundy for your winter-themed wedding. But if you’re planning to say your vows in the sultry summer heat or the colorful spring? Then we think pastel tones like yellow, coral, sky blue or even baby pink would look dapper.

5. Contrasting Separates

There are also plenty of bold looks that grooms can put together with contrasting separates. But mind you, this one takes quite a trained eye and a vast knowledge of the color palette to put together.

But if you know how to put a bottom and top together for a cohesive look, then this is one fine way of making a bold wedding statement. For example, we’ve seen a lot of grooms lately sporting gray pants and blue jackets, like the ones from Bachrach.

Others have been playing with more vivacious colors and some daring grooms have also turned up at the Altar in a white jacket with dark red pants to go with. A white shirt underneath with a tie the same color as the pants is just a groom needs to complete a bold style statement.

If you need some recommendations, you’d find everything you need for this look at Zara’s.

6. Floral Suits

Do you think you have enough guts to carry off an extremely unconventional and untraditional look with absolute sway and confidence? Well then, a floral suit is perhaps the perfect idea for you. Floral suits are for the boldest of grooms but you’re not going to be the first one to pull off this look.

Lately, some daring and absolutely carefree grooms have rocked breathtaking wedding attires all in floral prints and we love the way they made it look sexy. If you want to follow suit, you could pick a slightly more traditional color, like blue or gray with a floral print on it.

Of course, you can downplay the loud look slightly by minimizing your accessories. But, but, but- if you do it right, there’s no way this look will fail to charm the socks off your wedding guests.

Final Thoughts

If brides have the right to do as their please on their big day, the grooms too can indulge in all their fantasies. If this includes breaking out of the traditional black, gray or blue tux then what’s to stop you? These days, a wedding is all about living your dreams and if it’s the groom’s desire to go bold and colorful on his big day, then the floor is his to do so.

Thankfully, the world of fashion has evolved quite tremendously and wedding attires are now more about bolder, more colorful and vibrant color palettes. Even for the grooms!

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