Tan, Beige, and Taupe Suits for Grooms and Groomsmen

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Tan suits are the perfect style and color rustic wedding, beach or summer weddings, as well as destination weddings. The light color makes it ideal for outdoor weddings and also neutral color schemes.

Tan Suits for a Wedding

We’ve compiled some of the best tan and linen suits for weddings with ideas on where to buy and shop for a tan suit, jacket or vest for weddings.

Can you wear a tan suit to a wedding?

Of course you can, and they are perfect for a summer wedding. A tan, beige or stone coloured suit can look stylish and is also perfect for the grooms and groomsmen.

With your tan suit it is best to wear a crisp white shirt, you can also be flexible with the color of your tie or bow tie if you are wearing one.

For your shoes it is best to go dark, a dark brown pair of shoes works very nicely with a tan suit.

When buying a tan suit there are many different styles and shades, this color is also classed as beige, taupe, khaki, camel, or linen.

Tan Suit Ideas

We have rounded up some great inspiration and stunning looks when wearing a tan or linen suit.

Tan suits are a great option for anyone who wants to keep their options open. The best thing about tan suits is that they go well during the daytime and at night as well. Famous personalities like ex-U.S President, Barrack Obama also wears these tan suits informal meetings.

You can wear your khaki/tan suit to a business meeting while pairing it with a red tie to exhibit the power in your personality. You can also go for a casual look by wearing a simple white shirt under it. It is all about how you want to carry this amazing suit when you wear it.

Where to Buy?

There are lots of online options that sell tan suits, from Asos, Etsy, and other online clothing stores. Many high street clothing retailers will have a choice of tan and beige suits, from linen to tweed, there will be a good choice to choose from, perfect for stylising the groom and groomsmen to match.

Will you be going for a tan color scheme or wearing a tan suit to a wedding?

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