Bow Tie Dos and Don’ts

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Knowing when to dress formally is just as important as dressing formally in the first place, and depending on what you’ve got hanging up in your wardrobe, you may or may not be ready.

For starters, formal items like bow ties should only be worn to very formal events – like weddings, or with suits like tuxedos.

If you’re over dressing and wearing a bow tie with something like a dress shirt, to something casual, then you probably don’t know what over dressing is. In this article we’ll focus on bow tie dos and don’ts.

Wearing a Bow Tie at your Wedding

Matching and coordinating your outfit can be just as important as matching and coordinating with others. And no, that doesn’t mean wearing the same colors or style clothes as other guests to whatever you’re attending, it means you’ll have to wearing something that’s either just as formal or casual as other guests.

If you’re wearing a bow tie to a birthday party at a pub, then you’re doing something wrong. And conversely, if you’re wearing a t-shirt and pair of jeans to a funeral, well, you really have no idea how to dress to anything at all.

Bow ties, specifically, are an important part of formal wear – as long as you know when to wear them. They usually go hand in hand with tuxedos, meaning you’ll only be wearing them at events like weddings or wedding receptions. Otherwise, there’s really no reason to wear such a formal piece of clothing – it’ll make you look stiff, and even uncomfortable. On a positive note, you’ll look astute, but that doesn’t help if no one will be able to approach you.

Another important aspect of formal wear, when dealing with garments like bow ties, is where to purchase them in the first place. Since most men will just rent a tuxedo, those who own them will have to purchase their bow tie from a boutique or department store.

But, this can be an expensive option, and if you’re looking to save money, shopping around can be a good idea. Even if you’re just trying to save money on buying something like a bow tie, it’s worth it.

Once you’ve found the perfect neck wear to go with your tuxedo, or the particular event you’re attending, you won’t be able to look any better. And, furthermore, you’ll be able to wear your bow tie to more than just one event – something that people who rent tuxedos can’t do. This is great if you happen to like dress up; if you like to look good.

And last of all, the kind of tie we always see in a classic James Bond movie, the Bow tie. Basically, the bow tie gives the smart and steady look. Bow ties are not the right kind of ties you wear to work unless you want to be the next James Bond.

And again, just as reminder, it is highly recommended that you wear it to a formal party or maybe to a wedding event. However, you can also wear it to your friend’s birthday party or any causal events. It is all up to you, these are just bow tie dos and don’ts. Not rules.

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