Summer Wedding Suit Ideas and Guide

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If you’re getting married in the summer time, you have all the more reasons to look ultra stylish. We have some great summer wedding suit ideas for your right here and who knows, you might just find the inspiration your were looking for.

Summer weddings typically call for style upgrades from the traditional looks. Oh we love the traditional tux and suit, don’t mistake us, but why not take maximum advantage of the gorgeous sunny weather when life gives you the opportunity?

Summer Wedding Suit Ideas and Guide

Besides, a traditional grey, black or navy suit would look way too somber to match the energetic summer vibes of your big day. In this article, we’ll give you some tremendous summer wedding attire ideas and guide you on the right choices.

Swap the Grey and Navy for Lighter and Brighter Suits

So you don’t want to break away from tradition yet want your attire to coordinate with the weather? Then the best alternate for the classic black and blues are lighter shades. You’d make quite a dashing summer groom in cream, beige, light blue, light grey or even white suits.

The brighter shades would also keep you feeling cool in the heat, add a refreshing pop of color to your picture albums and also make you look fashion forward.

Summer Wedding? Rock it in a Bold Blazer

Be the daring groom who breaks out of tradition in the most gorgeous way possible. For your upcoming summer wedding, go bold with a bold blazer and this one looks right in line with garden wedding parties, striking the perfect balance between casual and formal.

You can choose from a variety of solid light shades, summer tweeds and seersucker. You’re going to love the stylish attire choice.


Khaki and summer go hand in hand and if you’re marrying this summer, khaki would make a stylish choice. An outdoor summer wedding typically demands a khaki outfit and you can make it even more fun with an eye-catching boutonniere.

Chinos – Casual yet Chic

Now if you want an ultimate summer-worthy wedding suit, then we have the best ever idea for you. Chilled celebrations demand fun and casual looks and pairing colorful slacks, with chinos and a striking bold blazer is the best outfit to out together.

From beach weddings to garden receptions, this summer wedding suit will look right at home under the warm sun.

Beach Wedding? Go Linen

Is your summer wedding reception going to a loud bash on the beach? Then linen is the perfect choice for it. Grooms marrying at the beach in summers look the best in linen button downs, with their toes digging in the sand amid the “I dos”. For the best summer wedding look yet, pair your linen button down with light colored slacks.

Jackets are not necessary for Summer Wedding Suits

No one ever said wearing layered suits is a rule at summer weddings. Summers typically means as few layers f clothing as possible, if it’s for your own wedding. You can ditch the jacket altogether and opt for a pair of waistcoat, braces and trousers with a shirt and bowtie.

You could choose to go matching with your trousers and waistcoat or simply settle for a contrasting pattern or color.
One of the most stylish summer wedding suit ideas include pairing tan suspenders with colorful braces and topping it all with a white shirt.

If that doesn’t hold your fancy, then choose a pattern print shirt for a bolder statement look. We personally think that outdoor, laid back barn affairs and garden parties break away from custom and protocol and if you feel comfortable sporting a short sleeve shirt at your summer wedding, then go right ahead.

Be Creative with your Accessories

Since its summer and everything looks automatically fun, vibrant and colorful during this time, it’s a great idea to make your wedding attire accessories look playful too. A great idea is to give free rein to your imagination and if you feel mixing, blending and contrasting solids, patterns and prints will look for stylish, then go ahead and do it.
For example, if you only want to stick to a silk tie for your wedding, then pick one that has a floral motif on it to suit the summer theme. Colorful boutonnieres, bowties and printed shirts would add more personality to your upbeat summer wedding as well.

In fact, a nice lead would be to match your shirt with your pocket square. You could even pick a traditional grey suit but add a colorful spring/summer printed tie in green or sky blue etc. for an element of fun.

Tan suit

Tan suits are trending this year for summer wedding and the beauty of this summer wedding suit idea is how conveniently it can fit from the gazebo in your backyard to your wedding ceremony on the beach. You’d look so much like a groom with your toes digging into the sand and a tan suit on you or even be befitting for a mountain top ceremony.

Tan hues have an earthy feel and they’re ideal for summer receptions because they blend with almost any color palette. Even if you’re planning on a bright parrot green for your wedding theme, tan will fit right in with it.
If tuxedos are gold standards for the extravagant formal affairs then tan suits are the right statement for the casual summer vows. Amid the seas of black, white and grey we tell you your tan piece will truly stand out.

Shorts – If you Have what it takes

Are you have a destination wedding with blazing summers? Why not go brave with shorts as a groom? In any case, it’s your day and no one will blame you for being daring yet practical as a groom saying his vows in sweltering heat. It certainly makes a more practical choice than sweating it out in full suits.

Final Thoughts

Are you going to make a summer groom this year? You have the golden chance of standing out as a groom from all the clichéd traditions. Summer weddings give grooms the chance to play around with colors, prints, accessories and even choice of clothing. Besides, everyone loves to set unique trends at their weddings and picking out the best summer style might be your way of inspiring others.

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