2023 Trends for Grooms Wedding Attire

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Check out the trends you’ll see grooms rocking at weddings in 2022 and 2023.

A wedding is a big event, often one of the most important events in a couple’s life. A lot of attention is paid to the bride, everything from her wedding dress to the flowers she carries down the aisle, are carefully considered while the wedding is being planned.

But when it comes to the groom, many still believe that a simple black tuxedo to be enough for the big day. While that might have been true in the past, a generic tuxedo is now out of style. There are more colors and styles of tuxedos for grooms now than ever before.

2023 Weddings Trends for Groom

We’re here to help you gather all the scoop on what styles will be trending, what’s going to look hot and fab and what won’t fit in a trendy wedding. Let’s dive right into the details, shall we?

1. Simplicity will be the new Style

With the big, loud and extravagant weddings goes out of season due to the current health crises, people are now seeing how simplicity shines. Grooms will ditch the all-out tux and luxe for simpler, lighter and breezier outfits.

We’ll be seeing grooms rocking warmer and earthy tones amid vintage-style or nature inspired settings.

2. Geometric Knitwear

Like we said, grooms will be rocking the geometric knitwear instead of the traditional wedding wear. Besides, it does make a whole lot of sense from a practical point of view. If you marry at a time when temperatures can drop to freezing points, knitted jumpers in graphic designs and striking colors will seem even more practical.

3. New Tailoring

Tailoring techniques are going to reach a whole new level and grooms will be rocking more of oversized blazer with zips and belted coats instead of the regular four piece. If you’re planning on being an absolute fashion-forward groom, you could opt for a jacquard-knit bodysuit much like Prada exhibited for 2022.

4. Sandy Tones

Among the trends grooms will be rocking in 2022 are the sandy tones and safari influences. We think something along the 1970s with an ultimate chic look would be a very stylish pick.

Grooms will be rocking more monochrome looks along sandy tones and beige and brown outfits will be the primary choices.

5. Fresher Colors for Grooms

2022 will bid goodbye to the days when grooms could choose from a limited color palette because tradition thought so. Instead, grooms will opt for fresh flairs and we will see more nature-driven and fresh color palettes.

Go for the unexpected when picking a color for your tux, since colors will be the new definition of white in 2022. In fact, if you want to run the same color theme for the food, décor and stationery items at your reception, go right ahead and do so. You will love how the final look will be happier and brighter aesthetically. Plus, it’s going to look great in your wedding pictures too.

6. Tuxedos in 2022

In 2022, grooms who will loyally pick the traditional tuxedo for their big day can opt for certain variations too. You will be seeing a lot of variety in both single and double-breasted jackets with collars in different materials too.

If you’re opting for typical tuxedo wear for your nuptials, you could opt for satin or silk fabric too. But if yours is to be a winter wedding, a soft velvet fabric for your grand tux would be a fine option too.

You could play with colors, such as the sandy tones we mentioned or go for a bright color palette like steel blue, pistachio and other eye-catching options.


7. Creative Exteriors

2022 is going to feature more fun and less formal wedding suits for men. Designers will be offering more unique concepts for grooms, such as advantageous and fun exteriors. You will be seeing more fitted trousers and jackets.

The jackets will feature shorter lengths and will be more cropped while the trousers will have narrower cuts and arrows present too. If you want to break out of tradition and a typically-formal look, look for something along this style.

8. Accessories for More Prominence

Make your personality more prominent on your big day with cufflinks, tie bars, ties, boutonnieres, socks, pocket squares, bowties and ties. Not only grooms but even groomsmen will be sporting more of these in 2022 and we can envision how it will make their personalities shine even more.

The bride isn’t the only one who gets to accessorize for the big day. There are plenty of accessories for grooms to choose from that will compliment their suit perfectly.

Navy Groom Suit

What accessories are right for you? It really depends on the look you want to create. For a debonair look, a waistcoat will fit the bill. A gold or silver watch will add some shine to your look, and keep you on time for one of the most important days in your life.

Some grooms are even looking to the very old-school pocket watch (with or without a chain). A pocket watch is a guaranteed eye opener and crowd pleaser.

So how do you get that perfect look for a trendy wedding? The best way is to go to a wedding clothing store and let them help you pick the perfect wedding suit. Those stores follow the trends carefully so they always have the latest wedding clothes that are in fashion. Also, don’t hesitate to ask around, browse through wedding magazines and websites. There’s a lot of information and resources out there, but it’s up to you to find it.

In the end, however, your decision on how to dress for your wedding day is up to you. Besides, an accessory of your choice would even make a great gift idea for your groomsmen. If you wish, you could even customize them for a touch of personalization.

9. More Goofiness

Grooms will not be shying away from their goofiness and bright navy blues will be the trending colors themes for grooms. If you’re a modern young groom with a goofy touch in your nature, this would be a perfect color choice for you.

A bright blue is classic enough that it looks modern yet timeless altogether. This bold color will never look out of style, even when you’re admiring your wedding pictures with your kids alongside. For a more stylish touch, add a pocket square and traditional tie to go with it.

The best trending colors to coordinate a blue suit with will be sage green, deep maroon and light pink. Don’t hesitate from indulging your fancies with this one for your 2022 wedding!

10. More Hipster

Have you always dreamt of a totally hipster style wedding look? You can do that in 2022 since it will be among the leading wedding trends. This look will consist of classic elements including suspenders, tie clips and suit jackets. These pieces will feature tight tailoring and modern, clean lines.

The best part about this trend is that it will combine a youthful and playful look while staying true to traditional sophistication and we think grooms will look just fab in this. You could opt for some gorgeous satin suspenders and shorten your trouser legs just enough to flash your patterned wedding socks.

Final Thoughts

2022 promises to be a year when all the uncertainties will go away surrounding the current health crises. Hence, weddings will return to being extravagant, fun, playful and creative. We have listed some of the top trends grooms will be rocking in 2022 and we’re sure you must have found enough inspiration for your grand look from here.

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