What Socks to Wear to with your Wedding Suit?

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You may have the suit decided, the shoes and accessories, but one fashion item you need to consider and also a chance to have some fun and show your personality with is your socks.

When it comes to socks for a wedding the only rule really is not white and not gym socks. White socks are usually a no no, and black sports sock, even though they are black they may have a sports brand logo on them that may be seen, so instead just get a pair of black plain cotton socks.

If you’re looking for the next best wedding socks trend for your upcoming big day then we have lots of exciting ideas for you. First of all, congratulations on the most special occasion of your life and we’re sure you’re going to make the most dashing groom there is.

So when it comes to planning your big day look, why neglect small details even if it’s your wedding socks? Don’t forget that every detail makes the final picture and when you’re walking down the aisle, every eye will note every detail, from your tie pin to your tuxedo color to how well your sock are pairing with it.

What kind of socks can you wear at a wedding?

You want to get yourself a nice pair of cotton socks, which pair is up to you. The simple and most popular choice are dark plain socks. Things to consider:

  • Do you want your socks to stand out?
  • Do you want to make a fashion statement, inject some color or show your personality?
  • Bold or subtle?
  • Is it a black tie wedding?

The easiest choice to start with is a solid color. Weddings are by far, the most important occasion and we think a classic choice like solid colors for socks is a great idea for it. You could select one solid color for all groomsmen too or you could pick a different hue for each.

We believe wedding socks in solid colors are a polished element and would only enhance the masculinity factor for a groom and his groomsmen. You could even add a touch of more glam to your solid colored socks by printing monograms, dates and names on the side of each sock.

If you want to add a splash of color to your attire then your socks is the perfect item to do this with. It could be a bright color, stripes, or a pattern, if you are known for bright socks or it is the norm for you, then why not do it on your wedding day too. If you are having a formal black tie wedding then black socks would be the way to go.

You socks maybe seen or noticed when sitting down and your trouser legs are slightly raised, this could be at the ceremony and reception, or perhaps on the dance floor.

Not got your shoes yet, then check out these branded wedding shoes that are perfect.

Wedding Socks

It is good to have some fun with your socks, but you don’t want them to be too distracting, or to take away or clash with your whole outfit and suit. Think about colors, your tie and ensure they match or go together. A color wheel is perfect for finding contrasting colors and helping to decide which will work together.

If you are the groom and you are having bright socks, what about your groomsmen, would you like them to do the same? If so they make the perfect gift and you can pick out the perfect socks for each of them that you think reflects them. You can even buy personalised socks with each of their names on each pair, allowing you to pick the color, pattern and add their name.

Going Flashy

Like we said, planning your look is important and it is best to take consider the kind of party your wedding reception is going to be. Are you having a quite dinner gathering or do you have a loud dance party in mind?

If you and your groomsmen are all set to party high and hard then choosing flashy socks is a fantastic pick for you. This is especially a more ideal pick if you’re going for a less than traditional tuxedo for your big day. Socks in flashy colors will add more fun and excitement to your overall look.

Patterned Socks

Are you and your wife-to-be a playful couple? Let your wedding socks choice reflect that. You can make it a more fun affair. Patterned socks are a great pick for those who have a more vivacious and fun nature.

Hence, polka dots, optical, checkers and stripes will be an extra spring in your step on your big day. Many are often hesitant to pick this option but we have to assure you that patterned socks are not only fun but also sophisticated when you carry it off with the right attitude.


If you’re not too flashy or playful yet want to stand apart then stripes are the safest option to play by. Coordinated stripes are the best picks for grooms and the groomsmen who want to add a splash of color to their overall look but without adding too much quirkiness.

Coordinated stripes also fit comfortably into every color palette and are among the classiest choices. If you to make it more striking, you can pick socks in stripes of mixed vibrant colors that contrast well with your traditional wedding theme.

Argyle Wedding Socks

Are you looking for something more traditional for your grand celebration? Then the argyle socks would be a perfect choice. You can find these in incredibly festive colors like blue and pink and if you’ve selected on similar theme colors, these socks would be right up your alley.

Furthermore, if you want something more to wow your guests with a more vibrant color palette while adding a bit more swag to your overall look.

Novelty and Fun

Do you want your wedding day to be all about fun for you and your groomsmen? Give into some indulgence with a novel and fun style for your wedding socks. You could go for spotty or conversational socks along these lines or those with colorful patterns.

You can go as daring, as flashy as loud as you want to be.

Customized Socks

We think the most special pick for a special occasion like a wedding is a touch of personalization. For this pick, you can add some custom text on the sides or le of your socks and even for all the groomsmen. You could print ring bearer, best man and groomsmen on the leg of the sock. In fact, a special one for the father of the groom would be a great idea too.

You can make this look even more special for your wedding party by adding the date of your wedding and a thank you too. Your groomsmen would love the special little touch and so would the rest of the wedding guests.

New Color Accent

These days, wedding trends are more about being outrageous, creative and daring and if this echoes with your personality then selecting a color accent for an extra pop at your wedding would be a good plan.

You could add a touch of ice blue or fresh mint color for that extra sparkle or even a subtle soft pink would be nice. A little sweet disposition in your overall wedding attire would make your memories even special of the big day.

Fun socks as giveaways

It’s the age of thinking out of the box and socks giveaways for your wedding guests sounds like a unique creative idea. Besides, what if you have an entire night of dancing planned for the party? There be some who might come unaware of how their feet will be aching at the end of all the rocking, rolling and spinning on the dance floor.
Arming your guests with fun socks would give them a comfortable option when they reach the wildest stage of your wedding party and also something to take home as a favor from your very special day.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to planning a groom’s wedding look, most of the attention is on his tuxedo or suit, tie or bow color and the other most obvious elements. One hardly gives any attention to socks, which is an equally important part of your final look. If your big day is close, our ultimate guide for socks will surely give you the socks inspiration you need to pull an off-the-runway wedding look.

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