11 Very Stylish Groom Attire Ideas for a Barn Wedding

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If you are planning a barn wedding then you may want to wear something that reflects this and my feel that a 3 piece suit is perhaps a little too formal or you my feel out of place.

There is nothing wrong with a 3 piece suit wherever you get married, however if you re having a barn wedding then  we have rounded up some great groom attire ideas that would suit a perfect barn wedding.

Texture and patterns are ideal for this style of wedding, be it a checked shirt or a tweed jacket, there are lots of great options and can be tailored to you and your personality allowing your outfit to be unique to you.

Stylish Barn Wedding Groom Attire Ideas

We have picked out over 11 stylish groom outfits that are perfect for a barn wedding.

Are you having a barn wedding? What will you be wearing for your special day?

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