12 Free Wedding Planning Guides and Printable’s

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Free checklist apps and online wedding budget trackers can help you hold a wedding event. But there is nothing like a planning guide or checklist.

These planning guides work because they include all aspects that go into a successful wedding event.

A wedding checklist can give you an idea of what you must do to utilize your time and skills to the fullest. Here are the best wedding planning guides and printables, which are much more than checklists.

Best Free Wedding Planning Guides

What’s the secret to a successful wedding event? Planning and organization.

Even in today’s digital age, tracking the progress of a wedding event is impossible because there is so much going on. From the venue to the menu and everything else, it’s practically impossible for a couple or a wedding planner to plan a dream wedding.

Wedding Planning Printable’s from Wedinspire

For a full planner that you can print off Wedinspire have a printable you can download in A4 or letter sizes, with everything you need from planning, organising, keep track of the budget, your guest list, table plans and RSVP’s.

There is a free version and then a premium version with over 100 pages to download.

Download here

Checklist Workbook from Martha Stewart

If you need a comprehensive guide that has room for notes and a lot more, trust Martha Stewart to give you the best wedding planning workbook. You can easily print this exclusive workbook for taking care of the budgeting, seating, and everything else. The checklist lets you make any religious and cultural additions to the wedding. Choose a basic or detailed workbook to take charge of the big day, like a professional wedding planner.

The Martha Stewart wedding workbook lets you count the number of days until the wedding day and the tasks that you must finish before the event.

Download here

Wedding Checklist from Junebug Weddings

This checklist from Junebug Weddings is convenient to understand. However, it’s not as specific as Martha Stewart’s workbook. With an unusual format, it starts at the one-year mark and jumps to eight months, seven to six months, five to four months, and then from three months to the wedding. You can get this guide to get a quick overview of what you should do each month or so.

View here

Wedding Checklist from Wedding Forward

This comprehensive checklist features everything you must know to organize a memorable wedding. The guide provides an overview of the event as it lets you prepare for the event a year before the big day. From apparel to stationery and flowers, it has everything you need. Using the wedding planning checklist will help you stay organized and take control of the event like a pro.

View here

Wedding Checklist from The Knot

The tech-friendly app is among the top online wedding checklists available. The Knot’s wedding checklist allows users to remove, add, and update all items of the checklist. For that reason, it offers a truly personalized checklist. Couples and amateur wedding planners can greatly benefit from this list because you don’t have to follow a specific template. Everything on the list is according to how you always wanted your dream wedding to be.

View here

Wedding Checklist from Magnetstreet

You are going to love this one from Magnetstreet. This spectacular PDF arrives in your email inbox so you can customize it. It’s a rare feature the users get with PDF checklist forms. Plan a smooth wedding with this comprehensive wedding planning checklist for choosing bridal dresses, reserving reception venues, hiring photographers, and a lot more.

Download here

Wedding Checklist from Real Simple

The checklist works for anyone who wants to start planning for a wedding beyond the one-year mark. You get 14 months to plan a fairytale wedding. But there is just one drawback. This one by Real Simple is not the most printer-friendly website you will find online. Nonetheless, it offers plenty of good insights, such as evaluating how much money you need to spend on your big day and the guests you are going to invite.

Download here

Planner from Berries

The user-friendly and easy-to-print budget planner is different from other regular checklists. The planner has enough room to fill in all details, such as the estimate, budget, and the amount you spend for every item. Since it’s not very detailed, you can use it along with another checklist to cover all important aspects of the event.

Download here

Wedding Budget Templates from Vertex24

The free wedding budget template features a lot of bells and whistles. Simply download the templates from the computer and print them to create a comprehensive plan. The only drawback you may experience is that it’s hard to see the preview. Hence, deciding if it’s right for you before the download begins can be tricky.

Download here

Botanical Paperworks’ Wedding Checklist and Binder Inserts

Botanical Paperwork’s wedding timeline lets you check off all important tasks, from a year ahead to several months before the big day. The checklist is available in blue, pink, and cream colors and is a component of the Botanical Paperwork’s free wedding planner.

Download here

Wedding Checklist and Timeline from She Knows

The popular platform offers a comprehensive wedding planning checklist, which is super cute and easy to print. The free checklist offers a view of the tasks you must complete every month until the few weeks before the wedding. Users can download and start benefitting from the checklist to invite guests and reserve venues or hotel rooms.

View here.

Wedding Checklist from Little Wedding Guide

This printable wedding checklist takes you through an incredible journey of planning a wedding a year before the event. The checklist features helpful links to offer advice for completing any of the tasks. With tasks like announcing the engagement to the final wedding day, the wedding checklist is an exclusive guide to give you complete peace of mind.

View here.

Bottom Line

The first few things to do when planning a wedding include selecting a wedding date, reserving venues for the ceremony, and creating a guest list. But there’s a lot more that goes into the planning. Choosing menu options for both adults and kids and planning according to your budget becomes easier with a printable wedding checklist.

Follow our guide and pick your favorite wedding checklist to plan your wedding like a pro. These tools and resources can also come in handy if you are an amateur wedding/event planner.

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