The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Wedding Suit

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If there is ever a day when you want to look your best then it is your wedding day.

Your bride to be will have dreamt and thought about her wedding dress since a young girl, every details of your wedding will have be planned, from flowers to reception place cards, everything will have had careful consideration.

So when it comes to you and your wedding suit give the same attention, ensure you get the right colour suit, ensure it fits you well and have it adjusted if needed, ensure you buy some nice polished shoes and a belt, finish off the look with a nice smart watch, think about the details. Be a groom with style and not a groom with a baggy creased suit.

Buying a wedding suit

Wedding Suits for Men: The ultimate guide to choosing and buying a suit for a wedding if you are the Groom or a guest.

Dressing For Your Body Type

Lets start with the basics; it’s important to dress for your body type. Get this right and your well on your way to looking smart and stylish. Consider your structure, do you have broad shoulders, a toned and athletic body or is your waist as wide as your shoulders?

If you have broad shoulders with a smaller waist you are lucky; you can try almost any trend and will be able to find clothes that fit from the high street shops. It’s possible to buy a high street suit for your wedding, brands such as Hugo Boss are very stylish and will be a popular choice for grooms this year.

For more rectangular body shapes; with hips that are a similar size to your shoulders it a good idea to create the illusion of having broader shoulders. This can be done by wearing a suit jacket which is slightly figure hugging or nipped in at the waist.

For those of you who posses a more oval body shape try adding width to the shoulders with a good suit jacket. Vertical stripes also work well and could be worn as a shirt. It’s also especially important to make sure your clothing fits well if you are in this category, excess fabric will make you look shorter or rounder.

It’s important to think about your body shape when considering the latest groom wedding trends, not everyone can look good in patterned shirts. And remember fashions come and go but great style was made to last.

So lets consider your life style and how to dress on your wedding day.Basically you have a choice of buying a suit from the high street or going to a tailor and having one especially made.

The Wedding Suit

This may be one of the most important purchases of a man’s life. As it’s definitely a time when all men want to look their best. I would recommend looking at wedding magazines or websites for the latest trends and then adding your own twist. You can do this with the help of a good tailor.Classic brands such as Gucci, Hugo Boss or Ermenegildo Zenga produce perfect wedding attire.

The time of year when your wedding will take place will also effect your choice of attire. Lighter fabrics and colours can be worn for summer or spring weddings when the weather will hopefully be nicer. For weddings planned during the colder months wear darker, heavier fabrics. Layers are also a good was of keeping warm, a waist coat could be worn under a suit jacket on a cold winters day.

Tweed style jackets are also set to become popular this year as are chequered shirts or ties. These add a touch of personalty to your look and make you look slightly less formal.

Tailored suits

Britain has a rich tailoring heritage which has recently seen a massive resurge in popularity. Today’s men are looking for a mix of traditional tailoring with a modern look that suits their lifestyle. Think about your body shape when talking to a tailor, discuss which parts of your body need to be exaggerated and which bits hidden.

Men’s tailoring is becoming more modern then the previously popular Savile row type suits. Suits are now made from softer fabric and are less structured or formal then before, making it easy to dress smart but feel comfortable at the same time. More and more men will be seeking the advice of a tailor this year as they prepare for their wedding day.

Some of the following brands may be considered when purchasing your wedding suit.

GucciGucci is the biggest selling Italian brand and is most famous for their loafer shoe. Gucci produces well crafted, Italian leather good which are fashionable and modern.

Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss is another long lasting, classic men’s brand which would make a great wedding suit. Hugo Boss specialises in making suits and jackets but now also has a wide range of smart and casual men’s wear. They are a main player in the men’s fashion industry producing clothing which is consistently high quality and cutting edge.

Ermenegildo Zenga

This brand produces high end Italian suits which are very stylish and sophisticated. Their designs are classic and long lasting making them the perfect wedding suit. The company looks at every little detail during the production process; from working with breeders to sourcing good quality textiles. The overall result is a well considered modern brand.
You may also want to soften the formality of your look for some of the photos. You could take your suit jacket off or roll up your sleeves. You can also personalise your look by adding some accessories such as cuff links. What ever you choose, I’m sure you’ll have a day to remember.

How to be a well Dressed Groom

At the end of the day it is your wedding day and you can wear what you want, you want to feel comfortable and relaxed. Just remember what you wear will be highlighted in wedding photos for the rest of your lives, photos you will show your kids and grandchildren, photos that will be shared with friends and family. So whatever you wear make sure you look the part, if it is a more relaxed wedding then you can be more relaxed with what you wear, however if it is a very formal wedding then make sure you don’t turn up in shorts and a blazer.

Well fitted suit

Make sure you purchase a suit that fits, there is nothing worse than seeing someone in a ill fitting suit that is far to baggy for them, the trousers hanging along the ground over their shoes. When it comes to suits it is all about the fit. You can get your suit adjusted to ensure a perfect fit, trousers can easily be fixed for your leg so that it sit perfectly on your shoe. If you can go and see a tailor and get a suit adjusted just for you.

If you are hiring take the time to find a suit that fits, don’t just take the first one you see, if you can stretch your budget go and buy a suit, it will last you for years and can be used for other occasions and work where you can mix and match the trousers and blazer for example.


Iron them… There is nothing worse than a creased shirt that looks like it has been plucked from the washing basket. If you are wearing a waist coat do still iron the shirt or at least the sleeves. If you are not wearing a waistcoat and just a blazer then iron your shirt! You may want to take your blazer off for the meal or speeches, ensure when you stand up you have a crisp smart shirt on and not something that will stand out for all the wrong reasons.


You can have a well fitted suit and a pressed crisp white shirt, but this can all be ruined by pairing it with the wrong coloured shoes. If you go for a black suit or grey suit then go with black shoes.

If you wear a navy suit then you can go for black or brown shoes. Read our guide on wedding shoes here. Whatever you go for don’t just wear your work shoes, they will be worn, go out and buy some new ones, it makes a huge difference and can finish off the look perfectly.


Pockets, what about my pockets? Keep them empty! No pocket bulges! You don’t want to be walking down the aisle with your phone and car keys sticking out your trousers, not a good look at all, and even worse when it shows up on your wedding photos. You don’t need any of these things on your wedding day so leave them in the hotel safe, at home or give them to your parents or best man to keep safe.

At the end of the day it is your wedding day and you can wear what you like, but this is your wedding day and just one day in your life where you should make that little bit of effort, looking and feeling the part.

The Details

Finding a good wedding watch is important as a groom. While women commonly wear many different styles of jewelry, chances are the only ones you’ll be wearing are the wedding ring and your watch. So, with so much weight placed on one item, you’re going to need to go big on it. Don’t settle for cheap or digital watches. No, you’re going to need something nicer, something more expensive.

A groom watch also shouldn’t be digital. You’ll need a nice, well-crafted traditional watch. After all, this may very well be the most important day of your life.

Firstly, you should know what suit you are going to wear. This will help you choose the color for your watch. Chances are, you’re going to want to ditch gold and colored watches, as they will stand out. So, you’re likely going to be down to leather and silver. Silver is perhaps more beautiful, but also flashier. If silver won’t stand out too much from your outfit, go for that. If it does, try a high-end leather watch, just don’t go cheap!

A brown leather strap and a grey suit with brown shoes can look very stylish, always try to match your belt, shoes and watch strap colours, so if you have black shoes, go for a black leather strap, unless you have a metal strap such as silver or gold.

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