13 Perfect Examples of White Wedding Suits for the Groom

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Wearing a white suit used to be a fashion no no, however it can now look very stylish and set the tone for your wedding.

Your bride maybe wearing white as well, but that certainly doesn’t mean you cannot too.

White Wedding Suits

We take a look at how the groom and groomsmen can also go white on their wedding day.

Can the groom wear white?

Traditionally the bride would be the only one wearing white, however that’s the tradition, and who says you have to follow this, grooms wearing a white tux is becoming more and more popular and can also look fantastic too! A white jacket, shirt and black bow tie and trousers can look very stylish.

Chic White Groom Suits And Tuxedos

We have rounded up 12 examples of how a white suit can look sleek and stylish at a wedding, even if the bride is in white too!

What about going off white?

White can be very stark, however an off white such as ivory can look just as good and sometimes better. Combined with a crisp white shirt and an ivory or off white jacket can look great as it is slightly softer while still having that light white look.

Who should wear white?

The bride traditionally wears white, and you would expect your guests not to, however if you are the groom and are thinking of going for a white tux or jacket, then you should also certainly consider having your groomsmen also wearing white too to match your look. This makes for a more cohesive look and style, and also makes for great wedding photos too.

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