11 Stylish Grooms who said ‘No’ to Jackets!

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A no-jacket wedding may just be the perfect choice for a humble, fun-loving, and smart casual groom.

We will never judge or bash a groom for wanting to break out of tradition, custom and protocol on his big day. After all, your wedding is all about what you value and believe in as an individual.

Thus, whatever you choose for your big day should be an echo of your personality, who you are and what epitomizes you the best.

We know there is nothing more dapper and classic than a tuxedo for grooms but where does it say that grooms won’t look grand in a simple suit or something more casual?

Grooms who decided not to wear a jacket!

If it blends right in with your personality, we’re all up for a no-jacket wedding attire. Here is our very own guide to a no-jacket wedding for the groom and groomsmen.

1. Checkered Button-Downs

So you want to skip the jackets entirely? No problem, you can still make a loud statement in checkered shirts. If you’re never hesitant to think and act of the box, then choose a playful patterned checkered shirt and blend with a cotton candy suit or something.

If you’re looking for a quirky, fun spring look, then you can pair your checkered shirt with a polka-dot patterned tie. Trust us, this will not look bizarre but it will surely look whimsical and totally apt for a garden wedding.

2. Ditch the Jacket and Match the Venue

If you absolutely want no jacket yet cannot decide a better alternative then we have a suggestion for you. For you casual wedding attire inspo, why not take note of your venue? For instance, if you’re planning a beach wedding then put together a casual ensemble.

A great idea would be to match your shoes and shirt with the hues of the waves and pants that mirror the shade of the sand. To accentuate your look, you could top off with a bow tie that would wow the socks-off every guest attending your beach wedding, and of course your bride as well.

3. Only a Vest

Are you planning to downplay some of the rigid formality of weddings? Then you can do so by losing the jacket entirely but only wearing a vest for the big day. In fact, this look makes a whole of sense for summer weddings when you don’t want to be dripping streams of sweat while saying your vows.
Put all your grooms in vests too with a tie or bow to go with the look. Light, breezy and less formal, just as you want it.

4. Patterned Shirt

Do you think a patterned jacket is going to be too much for you to carry? Then how about a patterned shirt only? It will still make a statement and set you apart as a groom while taking away the suffocation a jacket will certainly cause for you.

With a patterned shirt, you will still get the pop you’re looking for while retaining the simplicity of the solid suit appealing. Are you groom planning to rock a ponytail at his wedding? Then you can add a greater flair to your wedding look by choosing a statement shirt in serious florals and skipping the jacket altogether.

5. Contrasting Bold Prints

So are you a stylish groom planning to make his own statement minus the jacket? Here is a loud idea for you to pull off. For your big day, you can settle for a checkered bow tie in hot pink and pair it with a statement shirt with blue stripes. Choose a boutonniere in an equally outrageous color for a bolder statement.
It takes vision to mix and match bright colored patterns but we’re guessing you’re not short of creativity and guts if you’re ditching the jacket.

6. Waistcoat with a Boutonniere

You don’t want to bother with a jacket or a coat? No problem, you can still achieve a dapper, traditional and classic look. Simply pair your dress pants in grey, black or navy or whatever shade you want with a waist coat and a boutonniere.

Make sure your groomsmen follow the same style for the big day. A classic neat fit with a stunning boutonniere is all you guys need to look polished, dapped and classy.

7. Velvet Separates

This option is a splendid one for those grooms who’re planning to get married in the winter. Choose velvet separates, including a striped button-down in velvet and separates in burgundy or navy. The hues will fit beautifully into your winter theme and accessorizing these in burgundy will bring more uniformity and coordination in to your final look.

Be sure to put your groomsmen in just the same style.

8. Groomsmen Only

A popular look and style if the groomsmen to have no jackets, and then the groom will look more formal and smarter as they wear a jacket or 3 piece suit.

This is great for photos where the groom will stand in the middle and differentiates them from everyone else, this can also be done with the groomsmen wearing suspenders on a white shirt, and then the groom either wears a jacket or blazer.

9. Go for a Cardigan

The cardigan makes a more casual, less formal and traditional choice for a groom who does not want to don a jacket on his big day. If you’re having an autumn wedding, you could learn a thing or two about an autumn palette and pull off a layered look with a cardigan instead of a jacket.

Try pairing a button-down in pale blue with olive pants and a cable-knit cardigan. The guests won’t even notice you’re missing a jacket with this sleek look. Besides, we know each of your groomsman will look equally dapper too.


Here are some common questions about wedding attire and what to wear at a wedding and if you should wear a jacket as a guest.

Can I go to a wedding without a jacket?

While the groom can wear what they want, if you are attending as a guest it is important to still go smartly dressed. If the invite mentions a dress code of being casual or informal, or that guys do not need to wear a jacket, then of course you can leave it at home. However if you are wearing a suit, keep the jacket, you can of course take it off when you get there, but it is better to be smart and formal than turning up in more casual attire.

Do I have to wear a suit to a wedding?

Tradition is to wear a suit unless told other wise. A suit can be formal but it can also be made to feel a little more casual with softy tones, different coloured jacket to your trousers. View our style articles for lots if inspiration.

Does the groom have to wear a suit jacket?

Pulling off a no-jacket wedding is certainly not conventional but totally possible and a whole lot of fun. Sometimes, it’s just the refreshing break and inspiration many others need to pull off a unique and earthier look at their own big day.

If a jacket is far from your personality, we totally support you in ditching it for your big day and choosing an alternative style that is a stronger echo of your personality and preferences.

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