Suspender Style Ideas For The Groom

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Vintage weddings are very popular these days, regardless of the epoch, they are admirable and classic.

There are various suspender style ideas for the groom to help him achieve a truly stunning and impressive vintage look.

Suspenders are accessories that are mostly used by men to hold up trousers/pants. Worn over the shoulders, these items are made with either leather straps or fabric. They are made with clips or buttons that are attached to the trousers and worn over the shoulders in order to hold the trousers in place and keep it from falling down the waist.

The clip-on suspenders are in higher demand and are more popular because you don’t have to take your trousers to the cleaners and ask them to modify it with buttons. Just clip the braces on and go. These vintage accessoies have been around for more than one hundred years.

They come in 2 different styles which are the X shape and the Y shape. While suspenders are becoming more popular, some people look at it as old-fashioned. In this age, suspenders are regarded more like a fashion accessory rather than something that is used to keep the trousers in place.

Are you in the market for the perfect look for your perfect day? Here are a few things you should know about suits. Men’s suits have different categories: the made to order, the handmade and hand cut, evening wear and made to measure suits. These above mentioned categories are usually for style icons. But if you are getting married I recommend you go for the made to measure suits. These types are made with your personal specifications in mind. Taking into consideration your body shape and contours, these types of suits are tailored to provide you with the perfect fit. Complement this look with a pair of suspenders

Groom Suspender Styles

Suspenders are more comfortable than belts. There are different ways a groom can look good in suspenders.

How to style your suspenders

With a white bow tie, a black tailcoat, black trousers with satin strip running down the both sides of the trousers and white suspenders with a white wing collar shirt. The shirts should be adorned with silver cufflinks. A black patent leather pair of shoes can be added to this mix to give it a handsome sophisticated look. A white waist coat and pocket square are additional suspender style ideas for the groom that can be added to the look. If you want to go classic, you can top this up with white gloves and a top hat.

Another awesome look a groom can nail wearing ‘Y’ shaped suspenders is with a black tie. The suspender should also be black in color. This style is actually more common but if put together well it can look unique. This look can be achieved with a regular tuxedo which usually features a short black dinner jacket or coat, black trousers to match with the outside seam having a satin strip that runs all the way down.

The groom can where a wing collar or turndown white shirt that is designed with pleats in the front. This look can be complemented with a black waist coat or a cummerbund. The outfit should also be accompanied with a black bow tie. If you would like to sweeten this look, a cute flower could be pinned to the pocket area of the suit.

However, you can choose suits of different colors and patterns like brown, blue, maroon, checked patterns, striped, etc. The groom can also compliment the look with either a regular tie, cravat or a bowtie. Having a jacket on is not mandatory but a vest is definitely recommended.

Alternatively the jacket does not have to be a black jacket. You could choose a navy blue color or maroon etc. it can also be the double breasted kind of jacket which consists of about 6 buttons or, if you like, you can choose the single breasted type that usually consists of 1 or 2 buttons. This outfit can be finished with lace up patent leather shoes.

Generally the way men dress up literally looks as though they are been choked. From their feet which usually are locked up in well covered wedding socks and laced up shoes, to their midriff where their trousers are tied up with hard leather belts that usually make them look like they can hardly breathe, with the belts digging into their tummies. Then when you look at their ties, it almost seems as though their necks are being squeezed. As handsome as the entire attire put together may seem, the belt, ties, and laced up shoes look like instruments used for torturing by slow strangling and suffocation. Relax the look with a suspender instead of a belt.

As a groom It’s very important for you to feel comfortable on your wedding day. Belts seem to reduce the flow of blood around the body and if you get too excited and have a bit too much to eat and drink, your system could find it hard to digest your food with that belt around your belly and this could make your breathing shallow. For this reason, Suspenders are highly recommended for a grooms outfit. It will not only give you a sophisticated and unique look, it is also comfortable so you can dance comfortably and eat as much as you want on your special day. Not having to worry about feeling tight around the belly area and getting uncomfortable.

Suspenders are known by the British as braces and are the best bet for men who have big bellies. If you use a belt, you would probably be wearing your trousers bellow your belly which will lay emphasis on the size of your belly. However if you wear suspenders it is sure to hide the size.

The groom can wear his trousers at whatever height he wants and they are rather affordable when compared to belts.


With these suspender style ideas for the groom, the groom would undoubtedly look impressive, fashionable and stylish on his special day. When he takes his jacket off he will look classy and his masculinity will be distinctive most especially if it’s a groom who has broad shoulders. Suspenders have a really cool look to it. It is sure to make the groom look like an A list film star.


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    Awesome style ideas man. I think I might get myself a pair of suspenders for my wedding!

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