5 Step Success: Deliver the Best Groom’s Speech

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When everyone is chanting “speech” at your wedding, will you be prepared?

For some people, giving speeches is right up there with spiders as far as phobias are concerned, but you don’t have to worry or stress about your delivery, as long as you deliver it right. Sure, there are a lot of ways to make a mistake, you can make yourself sound silly, or you could forget what you were going to say- but don’t worry!

How to Deliver a Great Groom’s Speech

With the right preparation you’ll be prepared to deliver one of the most important speeches of your entire life, and start off your new life in the best way imaginable- with applause, laughter, respect, and adoration- and we’ll help you figure out exactly how you’re going to plan it out to minimize any collateral damage from possible mistakes or bad jokes.

How to Deliver a Great Groom's Speech

Without any further ado, here are 5 steps to help you deliver the best Groom’s speech imaginable:

1. Take time to write and edit your speech, and practice delivering it

You might think that the key to a great speech is a great joke- and you’d be wrong. The key to a great speech is preparation. Without a doubt, in the heat of the moment with all of the added pressure, you’re going to forget what you wanted to say on the cuff. If you take the time about a month before your wedding to draw out a rough outline for your speech, you’ll have a much easier time deciding what you want to say. Your speech should include:

  • A solid introduction
  • A wide variety of humbling “thank-yous”
  • Your memories and future plans
  • Your deepest gratitude and a few MILD jokes
  • Structure and a clearly defined conclusion
  • Several sentimental statements
  • Tact

Take some time to consider the aforementioned speech when you’re writing. Read through the rest of our steps, and establish your approach. After you’ve written it, go through it with a fine tooth comb, even type it out to check for spelling or grammatical errors- because you don’t want to sound silly. Then read your speech out loud, emphasizing sentence structure. Be sure to be grateful, modest, and straightforward. Don’t beat around the bush, or try to be “funny.” This is a serious event, and your speech is one of the last things that people are going to remember you by. Do it up right.

2. Thank those who deserve to be thanked

There’s a long list of people to thank, so start brainstorming. In general, you speech should include heartfelt thank yous to:

  • Whoever organized and planned your wedding
  • The bride’s family and friends
  • Your family and friends
  • People who brought you gifts
  • Bridesmaids and best men
  • Everyone else who attended your wedding

You’re surely going to have personal thank yous to give to these very important people, and this is the time to tell them all how much you appreciate them.

3. Cherish the memories

Tell everyone how you met your wife, and all the cute stories that led up to your love and life together. Tell everyone real life examples of how you knew she was the one you wanted to be with. Don’t be generic, and don’t include anything too graphic, cryptic, or picking on your wife to be. Be exceptionally candid about how much you love your new wife and lover, without boring everyone to sleep or making anyone uncomfortable.

4. Prepare for new ones

Your sure to have feelings about the rest of your life, give a few sentences about what you and your wife are going to accomplish together. Maybe you want to start a family, go on a trip, or spend some time hand in hand growing old together- it’s up to you to get the tears going.

5. Establish your love, then hand off the mic

At this point, everyone knows that you’re grateful that they showed up, and that you love your new wife. Finish your speech something like this:

“And to many more years with my new wife and lifelong love.”

You’re sure to have them eating out of the palm of your hand.

At this point, you’ve kept your speech orderly, streamlined to the point, and established your gratitude and feelings. Hand it off to your best man, or drop the mic, it’s up to you.

After your speech is over, grab your favorite mixed drink and your new wife, because it’s time to party.

Tips and Advice

Just about everyone knows that being the best man is a very important position. When a groom selects a guy for this role, just know that he is choosing what he believes to be his favorite friend in life.

So, a best man knows that he has to perform to the best of his abilities to help make his pal’s wedding day special. This is why he must have the perfect jokes, phrases and speeches at his disposal. The following information will show a guy how to pull this off.

Funny Lines for Best Man Speeches

Ladies and gentleman, I’m honored to be a witness of this gracious event. My best bud (groom’s name) is getting married today and it is the only time I ever saw him with a woman as beautiful as (bride’s name). Normally, he would date women that looked like they were beat with an ugly stick and smacked across the face with a plunger from the time they were four.

I mean, (groom’s name) taste in women, before (bride’s name), was so appalling; I thought he would never get anything prettier than a female Siberian power lifter. Have you ever seen a female Siberian power lifter? I have and (groom’s name) former dates were ten times uglier than them. I say all of this, to let (bride and groom’s name) know that they are truly a great looking couple with a wonderful future ahead of them. Let’s raise our glasses and toast to (bride and groom names).

Hello party guests, I’m the best man (state your name) and I want to applaud the bride and groom. I especially want to applaud (groom’s name) because I thought he was never going to find a woman as pretty as (bride’s name) to settle down with him. Now that he has her, I just want to personally take his little black book, so I can enjoy his leftovers until I find me a hot dish like (bride’s name). Just joking (groom’s name). I just want to wish you two a long and happy marriage.

Hello everyone, my speech today will be like a thong. It will be skimpy enough to be over very quickly but intriguing enough to keep you wanting to hear more.

So, I’m the best man. Since I am, I have to tell you something about (groom’s name). Before he met (bride’s name) he used to be a dateless sap. This guy was so bad at getting women. (You should then direct the crowd to say: “how bad was he”).
He was so bad that he had to use a baby, a puppy and a mentally handicapped old man as bait and still couldn’t get a girl to look his way. No one wanted this joker until (bride’s name) came along. Just pulling your leg bro. Actually, (groom’s name) is a great guy and I expect him to make a great husband and father.

I would like to begin this speech by telling you how great (groom’s name) is but that won’t be possible because (groom’s name) is a true schmuck. Joking my friend, just joking.

(groom’s name) spent a lot of his time as a single man. It was by choice. Women simply chose not to go out with the poor fellow. (Bride’s name) you saved this joker from a life of internet porn and calloused hands. Hey, come on it’s all in good fun. Seriously, I want you two to have the best marriage of your lives.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. I’m not talking about a Tale of Two Cities; I’m talking about (groom’s name) dating life before (bride’s name) came along.

What do you call a groom that never had sex until his wedding night? (Answer with groom’s name). That’s a good thing (bride’s name) at least you’ll be his first experience and probably his last, if you two ever divorce. Hopefully, that will never happen. Cheers to (bride and groom names).

I have to admit, I was very scared to give this speech. As a matter of fact, people say they can smell fear, just ask the people sitting next to me; they smelled an awful lot of my fear as my behind was getting up out of the seat. (sniff the air and then say) Man, what is that smell?
That’s (your name) fear and it is stinking up the place. That dude needs to wash his butt. He can’t do that right now because he got to give a speech. Despite, the funk that is permeating in the room; I just want to wish you two a great future that doesn’t have a foul smell.

Marriage is a great thing because it will teach (groom’s name) some great qualities. These qualities include caring, responsibility and loyalty. However, if he was still single he wouldn’t need them.

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