Amazing Compact Engagement Ring Box opens like a Flower

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This amazing wedding ring box is the size of a small wallet, folding it out the ring appears like a flower. A beautiful engagement ring box that is compact and a stunning piece of design all in one.

Clifton Ring Box

Designed by Andrew Zo he built a paper-based proof of concept in 2011, from then and over the past three years has refined it into the leather-bound product that we see today which you can purchase with a for $90.

It is beautifully designed and the way it opens out displays the ring in no better way. If you have planned out how to propose, but unsure how to hide the ring then this could be the answer. No need to carry a bulky box, or risk losing the ring in your pocket, the size of a wallet means you know it is there while not giving the game away.

You can purchase this ring box here.

Engagement Ring Box


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