Photos You Need to Take With Your Groomsmen

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We round up some of those must have groom, best man and groomsmen photos you will want captured.

You have your wedding timeline and photo checklist, but if you need some photo inspiration for the guys and some must have groomsmen photos then we have got your covered.

Fun Groomsmen Photos

Thinking what sort of photos you need or would like, here are some must have photos and timeline for some great shots with the groom, best man and groomsmen.

Getting ready

The bride will have her getting ready photos, but the fun shots are with the guys. As the guys get ready together there are always some great shots and moments to capture, getting suited and booted, helping each other with their ties, lacing up your shoes, and of course those getting ready drinks!

Once ready it is nice to have some shots if you have set accessories, personalised bright socks, different ties or cuff links, if you have added some fun personality to the outfits make sure to get a photo.

Pre Drinks!

You are all ready to go, suited and booted, how abut a pre drink and a quick cheers. Let your wedding photographer know so they can come and get a quick photo as you sit back and try and relax before the ‘I do’.

The ceremony

As you stand at the end of the aisle waiting for your bride to be to walk down, some great photos can be captured as your wait with your best man and groomsmen sitting there too, their expressions and emotions captured, the look over the shoulder as you try to see if she is here, these are great photos and certainly worth capturing,

Group Shots

It is nice to get some group shots of you and your groomsmen, these can be formal and posed, or relaxed and natural, whichever or a combination, it is nice to have a few nice group photos.

The Party

As the drinks flow and everyone hits the dance floor, some of the funniest and most fun photos will be taken here, get the guys together and smile for the camera! After the wedding some of these photos are amazing and some are just priceless!


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