How To Conduct Yourself At A Wedding

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How should you behave and conduct yourself at a wedding?

The challenge is upon the men to always look their best especially when it’s their own wedding. This does not mean that those looking to get married are an exception. On the contrary, this is the part in their lives where they have to be on their toes and look into their wardrobe areas.

How to: Look

How to look good as a man the society in which we live is quick to judge people by how they are dressed and how well they put their wardrobe together. For the longest time, the pressure to always look appealing and attractive has been on the ladies.

This being the new era, men also have a major role to play to complement their ladies’ awesome looks. First, start by identifying clothes that are properly fitting for your physique.

It is unhealthy to wear clothes that are extremely fitting as blood circulation is tampered with. Do your research on the outfits that are trending and make arrangements to have them adequately stocked in your wardrobe. How you carry yourself also matters a great deal. For instance, it would be outright vanity to be dressed in all the latest and most trending outfits and act like an idiot especially around the ladies. Your attitude compliments you and speaks for you before you can even open up your mouth to say a word.

When it comes to mens wedding fashion the official outfits for men on weddings are suits. It is a bit tricky to buy one that is perfectly fitting. It gets even trickier when you buy one that’s extremely fitting and gets torn when you pull any random moves. As a rule, you need to do the actual fitting at the store even when you are aware of the size you wear. This will save you a moment of embarrassment that will last a lifetime.

Invest in a genuine and classy wrist watch. It should not be accompanied by any other ornaments such as multiple bracelets. A good watch is enough to place a crown of glory and honor on your head as a man and not a boy.


A neat bow tie will not hurt, though it is optional for those that are not comfortable wearing any kinds of ties. Among your most treasured investments should be a cologne. It should neither be too strong, neither should it be too mild that your significant other can hardly smell it. Put on one that is just right for the occasion. You never know when she’ll need your warm embrace, so make her crave it.

What NOT to wear to a wedding

Top on the list are bracelets and chains around the neck. These are a complete turn-off especially on a blissful occasion such as this one. Worse still, most people will think that you are fresh from high school or graduated recently from college and are not yet mature. Something else that you should avoid at all costs is a printed or checked suit. You should not be spotted in one even in a million years.

Plain color suits will do just fine and are easier to find matching shoes and other accessories. Don’t wear a couple of other rings on other fingers. Your image as a dignified man of honor is tarnished simply by this wrong move all in the name of accessorizing. The only ring that should grace your manly fingers is your wedding ring if you are married.

If engaged, your engagement will do just fine. If you fall under none of the above listed categories, keep it simple and don’t wear any ring at all. Don’t wear heavy clothing on a sunny weather and vice-versa. This will help you express yourself to the maximum especially at the after party.

How to: Behave At Weddings

It is natural to have butterflies in your stomach as you are about to enter a covenant relationship for the rest of your life. As much as possible, you need to act cool. Your dress code will play much of a role in how you feel about your big day. Don’t overdress as it will lead to the mother of all wardrobe malfunction cases.

Dress according to the weather patterns as all eyes are on you and you wouldn’t want to disappoint. Don’t forget your handkerchief. It is part of the outfit and you wouldn’t need it more on any other day than you would today. In case the tears start to fall or sweat droplets invade your forehead and nose, you are well armed.

How to carry yourself as a guest

This is the best opportunity to take notes on what to do and wear and what not to do. Honor your role as the guest and don’t try to overshadow the groom. Your attitude is part of your dress code and it should spell out humility. You are there to serve the groom and his bride in whichever way you deem fit and witness the exchange of vows so act your part. Don’t go beyond the limits and ruin the couple’s big day.

Dressing inappropriately is an insult to the invitation extended to you. As much as possible, try to honor it by dressing appropriately. Let the weather be your guiding factor so as to avoid wardrobe mishaps. Never leave your fiancé’s side, she should be your companion when going in and coming out. It is a good picture when you hold hands or walk arm in arm. This is the best way to compliment the clothes you have worked so hard to put together. Don’t eat or drink too much. Only serve what is enough for you, careful not to mess your attire.

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