Our Guide for the Hipster Groom

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For all the eligible Bachelors who have their weddings round-the-corner, read this out to turn all eyeballs towards you at your wedding.

It’s obvious that you will have plenty of people staring at you and few might even be judging you on your D-day where your life is going to change completely after that day.

We know you are looking forward to make a lasting impression on your big day and so we tell you how it’s done to fit in the shoes of the hipster groom.

The Hipster Groom

Addressing audacity with dressing – The first piece of advice we would like to give you is to be specific about your choices when it comes to your styling. The more suits you see, the more you are to get confused. So don’t spend much time on searching for the best as you might end up liking many!

Make sure the color of your goes well with the bride’s outfit as well which will gel well on the wedding day. So shop for something which matches with the event and most importantly which you believe you could pull it off and enhance your personality.

Secondly we would suggest you to not spend lavishly and focus on spending smart. High price tags doesn’t always guarantee grandeur in your attire. So it is recommended to shop sensibly and make sure it fits you perfectly in the first place.

In case of slight changes in fit, getting it stitched by a tailor isn’t a very bad option after all. Choose your preference in for say a vented hem, notched lapel, single breasted or double breasted, with or without button closures, with a tie or without a tie or simply with a bow tie.

That depends on you and don’t fall pretty to any blogs or articles saying to go only for a particular type of suit for marriage.

But having said, wedding suits are usually preferred in shades of black or blue in a majority cases as they subtly bring out the style statement out of you. Brown, Grey and Maroon colored suits are also preferred by grooms who always tend to go off beat.

Only a few can carry the aura of these off beat suits and nailing the look while others may just look blatantly odd in those colors. So be very choosy in your suit selection.

Try the suit before to just ensure you’re sure to lure people on the wedding night in that attire and it fits on you perfectly. If it fits you perfectly then almost half the work is done.

The leather matters

Next important part of your styling are the shoes as we already said will get you dressed in the shoes of the perfect groom. Since you need to carry out your aura on your D day, walk with the lustrous leather and stamp your authority over the place.

As you need to do a customary walk and rituals where you need to walk along with the bride, so make sure the shoes are your correct fit neither too loose or nor too tight.

As you walk around the aisle, there would be people noticing your every move and so move with confidence and tune in with the bride’s pace else it would look clumsy.

No matter the type of shoes you pick, the formal ones, Oxfords, Derby make sure they don’t look misplaced when teaming with your wedding suit. They shouldn’t look misplaced and that’s pretty important. Now if shoes are in contrast with the wedding suit that’s not a problem as long as they don’t look alienating.

The feel good fragrance

It’s obvious you feel good at your wedding but it’s also important that you smell good as well. So try on a pleasing cologne as many people would be meeting you so it would be pretty awkward if you smell odd.

But be careful and you don’t overdo the cologne thing as that too might go against you as too much of it would be sort of annoying and even you would find it hard to stand the strong odor of the cologne.

Smelling good always feels good and always works in our favor. Getting all your grooming done couple of days prior to the wedding would be a valid suggestion.

‘YOU’ are the hipster groom

Apart from all these superficial the vital cog in your arsenal which makes you the perfect fit for the hipster groom is you. Yes it is you who adds life into those lifeless costumes and cosmetics. So be at your best to nail your wedding look and steal the show with your scintillating personality. Add a touch of class to your look with confidence and personify your potential even more. Be in the limelight by being at your very best by doing noting!

Yes. Simply be the way you are, in your usual sense with all your emotions intact and never show a sign of weakness and never give a chance for anyone to point out something. Smile your heart out as after all your about to share the journey of your life with someone very special for the rest of your life and so show that happiness on your face.

Well we are not telling you to act different or be different but all we are saying to you is to be coherent at your heart which inherently skips a beat at such a big occasion and so all these tips aren’t telling you anything different but are only making sure you don’t get the basics wrong due to the last minute nervousness and miss out on being the charming groom for your wedding.

And these are what makes you the hipster groom more convincingly!

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