1920’s Grooms and Groomsmen Attire Ideas

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The 1920’s was one of the most successful time periods in American history. Not only was the “conservative suit” at the height of fashion, it quickly became the standard of what we consider the “American business look.”

Marked by an especially high fitted jacket, a waist line that’s pinched and tucked back, and a thin cut silhouette formed by a sleek, well-designed suit jacket.

These are the types of suits that movie stars and fashion models wore, in movies, television, and when casually strolling around town. This is because they were going out of style- despite the fact that many consider this time period the “height and decline of fashion.”

As more and more tailors became industrialized and made suits that could be sold in fashion catalogs, we see fewer and fewer people in history truly “matching” that 20’s swag.

So, how do you get that 1920’s Men Wedding Style for Your Wedding?

Gatsby Wedding Styles for the Men

The real trademark of the 20’s is how suits and evening wear fit individuals. Made of heavier materials, suits fit exceptionally well, were single or double breasted and usually either 3 or 4 buttons on the jacket. The lapels of the suit set particularly high- another feature that makes 20’s suits really stand out.

The Trousers

In the 20’s there was no color coding of pants to suit jackets- everything matched and was characterized by having twin-single pleats at the top and were very sharply creased down the legs. Pockets are further slit on the side and very spacious, fixed with a button closure.

What really sets these pants apart is their rise- as they only travel down to the mid-ankle and were designed to be set apart with an excellent pair of socks and stylish shoes. While previous generations had cuffs on the bottom of their pants, the 20’s breaks away from this tradition, exploring wider legged patterns, suspenders, and extraordinary suaveness.

The Vest or Waistcoat

If you’re going to wear a real 1920’s three-piece suit, you’ve got to have all three pieces- and that includes a matching vest. These vests had high v-necks and set apart a suit, preventing the exposure of a shirt between the pants and shoulders (remember, that’s a fashion faux pax in the 20’s for your wedding style).

Pants set high, preventing any embarrassment, and a wide variety of men wore a simple single color knit sweater to avoid a vest but still look great.

Fashionable Shirts

One of the trademarks of the 20’s was the beginning of fun-designs on traditional suit jacket shirts. Most shirts were made to be seen, colorfully striped with greens, yellows, and pinks, with high collars very similar to our collars today- except most were detachable to wash separately from the shirt.

If you’re really looking for the 20’s in a fashion statement, wear a white collar against a brightly striped or solid color shirt. Ironically enough, one of the most stunning names in style- The Great Gatsby- once was said to have worn his shirt without a collar (but we wouldn’t recommend it).

To be in style, it’s integral to integrate the cuffs into your 1920’s Mens Wedding Style. Cuffs were french, button style cuffs adorned with links to show off class.

The Neckwear

Because of the vest and other similar chest-style wear, very few people actually wore ties. More typically, people wore bow ties in varying bright colors, polka-dotted, or very modestly striped. Bow-ties tied themselves, were very puffy, and set a dramatic stage.

Another traditional look involves a casual scarf tie, draped around the neck and secured with a knot around the front. These scarf ties completed the look, tucking behind a collarless or unbuttoned shirt and into a vest.


If you aren’t accessorising, you aren’t doing the 20’s right.

If you haven’t got a fedora, you’re a no-body in this generation. Not only is the hat a sign of the times, it’s an important drawing together point of the whole look. Absolutely no-body went anywhere without a fancy hat in the 20’s.

If you’re going for an iconic 20’s look, get a two-toned Oxford style shoe that’s mostly brown and white, although black and grey or black and white also sometimes appeared. Later in the 20’s shoe designs became more ordinate, fashioned with wingtips and lace-up tops.

One of the signature trademarks of the 20’s are matching gloves in bright colors with two toned handkerchief to make sure that you always looked your best. Integrating these types of styles into your 1920’s wedding look is a must.

Put it all Together…

…And Look Like a Million Bucks
In a great time of booming excitement, people had more money than ever, and dreams weren’t just dreams anymore. Inventions were booming, fashion was thriving, and people were in better shape than ever before- especially if they were dressed for success.

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