Should The Groom Pay For His Own Stag Do?

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Modern couples have a very idealistic and practical approach to organizing their weddings.

We all love the concept of a joint bank account and contributing equally to cover the wedding costs. Other couples who don’t create a unified account choose to split the costs 50/50, which also is a great approach.

We do appreciate how modern couples work like a team nowadays, in handling their wedding expenses but they are still certain things we feel is suitable for the grooms to cover and others for the brides.

For example, a stag do party is quite the norm now and frankly, no one sees any harm in letting a man enjoy his last night of bachelor freedom. But how fair is it to expect his other half or his groomsmen to pay for his night on indulgence?

Does the Groom Pay for his Stag?

Let’s look at what costs is it appropriate for the groom to pay for and where is it suitable to let others pitch in.

The Stag – Let the Groom Pay

It’s great for him to be budget conscious in this regard, so it’s one aspect of the wedding planning that will not go down into the albums or cherished memories. Hence, we strongly believe grooms should pay for their stags themselves.

Of course, if the groomsmen wish to have just as a wild a party with the groom, he may let them pitch in with the cost of the stags. If the stag party is for a group of men then splitting the cost between each guest seems right.

In truth though, there is no hard and fast rule about whether the groom must pay for his stag. It all comes down to the fact that stag do parties only pleasure the groom and his buddies. It only feels right to have them pay for it then.

Besides, covering the cost of the stag weekend gives the groom and his mates the liberty to plan just as extravagant or lavish an affair as they wish. If they’re paying out of their own pockets, they can plan an amazing stag weekend or keep it low-key as they please.

Here are some factors to note when you are debating who should rightfully pay for the stag:

The Groom should pay because

It is his stag do and the party will happen because he wants it, not out of any obligation.

The other guests will most likely travel from far and near to be a part of the stag party, so it is right the groom hosts them.

He has been saving since he decided to get married and surely has covered a stag party in his list of expenses. If he hadn’t, he wouldn’t be asking for one.

The Groomsmen should contribute because:

As best men, they should do their best for the groom who is making them a part of his big day.

The groom is covering other major expenses of the wedding, it would be a good idea to contribute somewhere and make this time more unforgettable for him.
The groom has invited you to all the events of his wedding, so contributing for his stag would be a great way to pamper him a bit. After all, what are friends for?

What should the Groom pay for?

With that said, let’s take a look at some other costs that are right for the groom to pay for:

1. His Tux or Suit- Let Him Cover it

Grooms are just as particular about their wedding suit or tux as brides are and rightfully so. So finding an outfit that fits him perfectly is highly important, it is best to let him buy his own suit. Besides, he wouldn’t feel too pleased if the bride insisted on paying for suit, taking his measurements and then getting an ill-fitting suit.
Hence, it is best to let the groom handle the most important part of his attire for his big day, just how he likes it.

2. Gifts for the Groomsmen

The groomsmen play a vital part in making the wedding memorable and special for the groom. It is only right for him to give them token presents as a gesture of gratitude for their participation. Most importantly, the groomsmen are surely the groom’s own friends, siblings or cousins and it makes sense for him to gift them something personally to show it comes from his heart.

Expenses that are not Solely the Groom’s Responsibility

1. The Venue

This is perhaps one of the most major expenses of the wedding and one that rightfully requires both the groom and the bride to contribute to. It wouldn’t be fair to heap this entire expense on the groom alone, even if he’s well off in life.

2. Vendors

Again, these are the shared costs of planning a wedding and not right for the groom to handle singularly. For the bride, the wedding day is just as much hers and is the groom’s and she must own it equally. Sharing the cost of vendors would not only give each partner equal leverage must also make the costs more affordable when both split it.

If couples want it to be a dream wedding, they must each contribute equally to make it come true.

3. The Rings

The rule with engagement rings is that the one who proposes pays for the ring. But as for the wedding bands, the groom must pay for the bride’s ring and the bride for her husband to be. This has been the tradition since years and considering how the ring symbolizes the promise of eternal love, it is right for both partners to contribute in this.

Final Thoughts

The most essential component of pulling off a wedding successfully is to work as a team, especially when it comes to sharing the wedding costs. From vendors, venue to the cake, some expenses are best when both the bride and groom pitch in equally. But there are certain expenses, which feel right for the groom to pay for, such as a stag weekend.

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