21 Gorgeous Engagement Rings She will Love

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When it comes to proposing the one thing you need is a ring, a Haribo ring is great for the fun proposal but what she really wants is a rock.

Engagement Ring Designs & Ideas

We have rounded up 21 utterly gorgeous engagement rings that will make you partner speechless when you propose, their heart melt and say yes!

Which will you buy, and which would you like your partner to buy?

We all know that there are various times in our lives which are usually important, and need to be taken seriously to avoid unexpected results. One of those times happens to be dating periods, which is when most men will make a proposal to the woman they love. As such, you need to make the proposal perfect, so that the girl you are dating will find it difficult to say no.

There are various ways to make the proposal unique and perfect, but the most important thing to consider is using the right engagement ring. Most people will find it challenging at this point, but not with the essential tips for buying an engagement ring. Here are the best tips which should guide you to buying the perfect engagement ring for your spouse, and make the proposal successful:

1. Consider your budget

It’s always a good idea to set your budget before buying anything, so as to avoid spending more than you should which means you won’t strain your budget. There are times when you will even go out to the market and find cheaper rings which are of good quality. Such rings should be your top priority since you will save some cash for other uses. However, you might want to consider that cheaper rings might not be of a high quality as compared to more expensive rings, which is why you should be a bit generous with your budgeting. All in all, no matter the budget you have set aside, there will always be a unique ring you can buy for your spouse.

2. Bring her style into play

Another factor you need to consider when purchasing an engagement ring is your partner’s style. This may involve things like the jewelry they usually wear, the outfit they like most, among other factors that describe their style. There are also other things that can guide you, such as the Jewelers she follows on social platforms like Instagram.

3. The stone material

If you want to have some design for your ring, there are a variety of designs that will usually use stones like diamonds, emeralds, pearl, sapphires, rubies, and others. Diamonds are however the commonly used, and they look more appealing, even though it depends on personal tastes and preferences. You might also need to choose a different stone like Pearl to get away from the monotony of the diamond design which is used by most individuals.

4. Metal ring choice

The two common choices of ring metals that are used to make rings are usually gold and platinum. Gold usually has three color options, which are white, rose, or yellow. Yellow is the naturally occurring color of gold, while pink and white normally have other metals added to them so as to achieve a different color. So as to get rose gold, a bit of copper is usually added to the yellow gold so as to give it the pinkish tint. White gold is usually made by adding a base metal to achieve a grayish-silvery appearance. Platinum, on the other hand, comes in a single color choice which is a white base metal. It’s stronger than gold and brings out a classic look when fitted with white diamonds. Your choice between the two options will depend on what metal looks more appealing to you, and how strong you need it to be.

5. The four crucial C(s)

When buying an engagement ring, particularly a diamond one, the seller might make you focus on four factors, which are Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat. While these four characteristics may not matter so much to many individuals, it’s important to know the details of the ring you are buying.

Cut is how the rough gem was sliced and faceted with the aim to increase brilliance. There are two common techniques of the Cut factor of diamonds, one of them being a Rose Cut, and the other a Brilliant cut. A brilliant cut is the somehow common, whereby the bottom is pointed, while a rose cut is not pointed at the bottom. The glitter of diamonds usually depends on the cut of the diamond.

Clarity is the measure of flawlessness of a diamond, whereby most diamonds have flaws in them, and this is what that make gems unique.
The color factor is quite straightforward, whereby diamonds are graded based on a color scale. Color choice depends on the preferences of the buyer.

Carat is the unit measurement that is used for stones like diamonds. It’s what that best indicates the size of such stones.

6. Ring size

This is the most crucial part when buying an engagement ring for your proposal day. Imagine a scenario where she says Yes, and then you are left with a problem of trying to fit the ring into her finger effortlessly. Such a small error may disrupt the mood of the whole moment. As such, you should make sure that you get the right sized ring, with the help of some tips to help you know the size of her ring finger.

Besides, a proposal should be a surprise, so don’t expect that you will measure her finger size while she is aware. As such, you need to use tips like getting a ring she wears on her ring finger, then trace it on a piece of paper so that you can get the diameter. If she doesn’t have one, consider using one of her close friends to ask it for you, but creatively, so she won’t suspect.

21 Gorgeous Engagement Rings She will Love

In conclusion, the above tips are just right for any individual looking to buy an engagement ring for proposing. Make sure to study your choices before buying any ring so that you can make the proposal a moment to recall.

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