The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Tailored Wedding Suit

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Wearing a well fitted suit brings out not only the style in you but also makes you look smart, sharp and focused. However, a lot can still go wrong especially if you do not get the right suit.

How to Buy a Tailored Wedding Suit

When you go out for shopping for a wedding suit, there are important considerations that can help you find the perfect one. This suit buying

Nothing feels better than wearing well-fitted classy suits. Suits have been around for centuries now but they have retained their essence throughout all this time. We understand that suit fashion and designs may change but it is always essential to pick the right colors for your suits.

You can either stand out or be a joke in a gathering depending on the kind of color you choose for your suits. There are tons of researches that show connections between attire and mental attitudes too.

People who wear suits and other formal clothing regularly, tend to have a leading personality as well. It helps them address issues holistically and with a far better approach. So, if you are looking for a way to stand out from the crowd, then buying a good suit is what you need right now.

Focus On What Suits You

The first thing to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t be copying someone else. We agree that attire inspirations are great but you should think about how a particular suit would look on you. The first step to finding this out is to decide where you want to wear a suit.

Consider the Event

You could be wearing a suit for a formal meeting, a date night, a buddy’s wedding, or your own. Each of these events would need you to dress up differently. It is also important to assess whether this is your first suit or one of many others that you already own.

We have a few color suggestions that go well with most of the events that we have mentioned in this article. Ensure going through the whole list and find the colors that fit you the best before you get your new suit. So without further ado, let us will equip you with such guidelines so that when you step out of the car you will look the part.

Why Is It Essential To Pay Attention To Suit Colors?

You may think that suit colors do not matter but that is not true. It might surprise you to know that suit color not only has an impact on how you look but also on your attitude and the kind of place you’re wearing the suit at. Here are a few things that you should consider before choosing your next suit

Before you even think about how the suit will fit and anything else, what color are you interested in? Suits come in many colors, but not all of them will work for you. Furthermore, your wedding theme greatly determines your suit’s color. Although French navy and mid-grey look fabulous, you need to ensure that your preferred color meets your needs.

Get the Right Fit

It is your wedding, and there is nothing as bad as showing up in an ill-fitting suit. To avoid being the talk of your friends and guests, it is imperative that you get a suit that is perfectly tailored for your body. Some of the areas that require more detail in determining such a fit as the shoulders, trouser length and sleeve length. If these do not fit comfortably, look for something else since you cannot change them. When trying on the jacket, consider how it follows your shoulders’ contours, and chest while the sleeves should be long enough just to end at your wrist bone when your hands are by your side.

The Material is Important

It is not just the color of your suit by its material that also brings out the elegance. Given that your wedding is one of those occasions where you have to make a statement, your suit’s material needs to be able to do that for you. When choosing the fabric, bear in mind that:

  • Cashmere-has a luxurious feel but can show an unwanted sheen to on the suit
  • Wool-comes is woven in a number of ways, and it is both stylish and luxurious.
  • Linen-ideal for a summer wedding. It may be unique but also creases quite easily
  • Velvet-a velvet suit can turn heads towards the groom because of its sense of sophistication and richness. However, it is a little too casual.
  • Silk-this is a rare fabric meaning that such a suit is expensive. On the other hand, it is very comfortable.
  • By looking at some of these fabrics and considering factors such as the cost and time of the wedding, you will find the ideal material.

Always Shop Around

Although you may be lucky that the first suit you come across will actually meet all your needs, it is always advisable that you shop around. The internet is full of stores that sell quality suits. Try looking through some of their available suits and if you spot one that you really fancy, make an effort to visit the store to check it out. You can also visit clothing stores that specialize in wedding suits and try on as many suits as possible. This makes it easier for you to identify one that will really wow everyone.

Picking your wedding suit is an important decision. It is common for the eyes to be on the bride, but that does not mean that you should not steal the spotlight once in a while, ok maybe not on her wedding day but you will certainly look the hansom couple in your wedding photos.

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