Where Does the Groom Stay the Night before the Wedding?

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If you have had a live in relationship with your wife-to-be for a couple of years, you may wonder whether it is appropriate to spend the night before the wedding elsewhere or at home.

Most modern day couples find themselves debating whether sticking to tradition on this important night is the better option or whether sleeping together as usual would be better.

There is hard and fast rule to answer this question and the best approach is to decide what works better for both of you. Since a wedding is certainly the biggest life event for both partners, excitement, nerve and a world of emotions can keep you two from falling asleep if you decide to spend the night before the wedding together.

Where to Stay the Night Before the Wedding?

The traditional route includes the groom spending a night with his family, like parents or siblings if possible or at his best friend’s place. Many grooms now spend the important night before their wedding at a comfortable or luxurious hotel so that they get good rest and peaceful sleep to gear up for the next day.

What would be your best option? Let’s discuss a few factors that can help you decide better about where to bunk the night before your nuptials.

1. Consider Your Responsibilities for the Big Day

It is common for the bride to bear the most responsibility of the wedding planning process but on the actual day, the groom does most of the running around. From ensuring the vendors line up in time to overlooking arrangements, the groom has to be everywhere as well as get ready in time for his vows.

All of this demands extra energy and if you do not get enough sleep the night before, you might not be at your best as a groom. Hence, if you feel that sleeping in your own house with your fiancé the night before might decrease your chances of restful sleep; you should try to head to your parents’, any sibling, close family or best friend’s house for the night.

Booking yourself into a hotel is also a great idea by the way. You will have zero disturbances the entire night and the most comfortable sleeping arrangement.

2. Do You Prioritize Tradition?

Are you among the 52% of the couples who believing in observing every tradition your family and culture has valued? If so, then perhaps spending the night away from your home and fiancé is the better option for you.

There has been an ancient tradition for couples about to get married, of not seeing each other twenty hours before the ceremony or a night before the wedding. This tradition endures to date for a couple of reasons.

Primarily, many believe that staying apart a night or more ahead of the wedding builds excitement and anticipation between the groom and bride to-be. Following this tradition only adds more poignancy to the moment when the groom sees her bride the first time in twenty four hours, walking down the aisle.
If you and your fiancé value this tradition and want to add a more emotional touch to your union at the Altar, then perhaps spending the night apart is a great option.

Again, bunking a family or friend’s place or booking a hotel room for the night is the best approach. But if you’re not the kind who believes seeing your bride a night before the wedding would have an impact on your emotions, then you may stay comfortably at home with her the night before.

In fact, nowadays modern couples also follow a popular trend of getting ready together for the wedding and a having a photo shoot before the ceremony. Some couples find it more important to be by each other’s side during the hours leading up to the ceremony and calming each other’s nerves.

3. Do you want to disconnect and relax?

We’re all totally dependent on our cell phones these days but for a groom it is even worse in the few weeks leading up to the big day. From staying in touch with vendors all the time to assisting family and friends with their travels, accommodations and etc. etc, there is so much grooms are doing constantly in the last few days.

If you want to take a breather, disconnect and relax completely a night before your big day, then you should book a room for yourself a night before the wedding away from the rest. Take care of all the details beforehand, communicate with your partner, vendors, and family friends of your plans to just unwind the night before so that you suffer no interruption at all.

This will contribute to helping you rest well enough and revive before the big day. Even when one doesn’t feel it, the constant whirlwind of activities, preparations and arrangements and continuous contacting can wear you down, before the big day.
Restoring your energy, mind, body and spirits a night before is a great idea for tired grooms to be.

4. Visit Friends and Family

If you are getting married in your hometown, spending the night before the wedding at a close family or friend is great idea. You can not only relax, but also reminisce about past memories, considering how this is a highly emotional time for you, laugh away with your loved ones and get your mind of pre-wedding jitters.

This may also be your golden chance of spending some quality time with a loved one if you didn’t get any for long due to work pressures. They too will appreciate it and you will get the rest, emotional boost and right energy for your special day.

Final Thoughts

A night before the wedding is a really important one for both the bride and the groom. From experiencing a rush of emotions, pre-wedding nerves to battling fatigue and tiredness, a lot happens the night before.

As such, it is good to have a proactive plan in place of where the groom must spend the night before the wedding. To decide where it would be best for you spend the night, you must consider what tradition you value as your couple, how much you want a private family or friends celebration or how important is catching up with sleep for you. Regardless of what you choose, remember that resting as much as possible, sleeping soundly and boosting your enjoy for your wedding day should be the priority.

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