10 Tips on Choosing the Best Country Wedding Groom Attire

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Are you searching for the best Country Wedding Groom Attire tips?

When planning for your wedding, one important factor to consider is the bride’s dress. That’s because you need to ensure that she basks in the limelight since her wedding is one of the most important events in her life.

However, you should not forget what’s equally important to her. That’s ensuring you’re a well-dressed groom on your special day. Keep in mind that when it comes to men, they have a challenging or hard task choosing the perfect wedding attire. The reason is that everybody in your family and your friends will be giving you tips.

Once you have found your wedding venue it is then all about decor, stylising and what to wear.

It’s critical that you make your choices right. That’s because in most cases, this event happens once in your lifetime.

Country Mens Wedding Attire

The good news is that with some effort, getting the best attire for your country wedding can be possible. In this post, we look at 10 tips on choosing the best wedding groom attire for a country wedding.

Blue Jeans

One of the best tips when it comes to choosing a Country Wedding Groom Attire is to have the groom, and the groomsmen wear blue jeans. The reason is that blue jeans can match better with your country wedding theme when compared to most traditional suits. The best tip is to ensure everything is well hemmed and pressed to ensure you appear casual, not sloppy.

Khaki Shorts

When searching for the best wedding groom attire for a country wedding, consider wearing khaki shorts. However, the key thing is comfort. Another advantage of this attire is that groomsmen won’t mind this choice, neither will the groom. It fits well with summer weather when most weddings happen. This attire also matches well with the bride’s simple sundress, if that’s what she chooses.

Country wedding

Tweed Vest

As the groom, you can choose to wear a cute tweed vest. That’s because it enables you to appear as informal, not the usual day casual. Bear in mind that you should invest in a pattern that the groom will love and in quality tailoring. The reason is that this wedding attire piece can be worn again.

Dress According To the Country Scene

When searching for the best Country Wedding Groom Attire, consider the country scenery, for example, the country house venue. Depending on the landscape and the weather, you should ensure that the country wedding attire has some degree of practicality. For instance, if it’s a rocky landscape, ensure that the attire you choose has some remote elopement.

Eclectic Jacket

If it’s a modern wedding with a country theme, you can choose a button up shirt along with a stylish and unique jacket for the groom. Ensure that you encourage him to represent his style, for instance, by choosing bright tweed coats or earth-toned corduroy that has elbow patches.

A Tie & Suspenders

A Tie & Suspenders enables you cut a neat look at your summer wedding with a country theme. It allows you to skip the usual jackets and suits, giving you a cool look. For instance, you can choose a linen tie with thin leather suspenders.

Wool Layers

If you’re planning a winter wedding with a country groom attire in mind, you can choose a sports coat and a wool sweater. It enables you to keep warm during your ceremony, which will be snowy. Another advantage is that it lets you skip the traditional suit.

Chambray Chic

Chambray is the white shirt’s famous country cousin. It’s a beautiful fabric, breathable and lightweight. If it’s a farm wedding at the countryside or a beach one, it works well, ensuring that you look well.

Hawaiian Cool

You can choose a Hawaiian Cool themed shirt for the wedding ceremony. The groom can wear his jacket over it if you prefer. Bear in mind that it’s still comfortable and relaxed at the reception.


Classic White Shirt

A classic white shirt is another good idea when choosing the best Country Wedding Groom Attire. That’s because it can pair with blue jeans, khaki shorts or dress slacks. It gives you a timeless look, despite its casual style. You’ll be sure of the best looks in your wedding album.


For your Country Wedding Groom Attire, the above 10 tips can ensure you’re the best-dressed groom on your wedding day. The result is that it will give your bride, family, friends and yourself something to cherish for many years to come.

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