18 Grooms Who Wore Green Suits and Looked Stylish

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Amid the seas of black, navy and grey, green is the most underrated color. Perhaps men underestimate the power of this ecological, calm and vital shade when it comes to their wedding suits.

From being extremely versatile to adding an extra oomph to your overall wedding look, green can do so much for you, from beautiful forest greens, to emerald green or beautiful olive. A green suit at a wedding can look sleek, stylish and fresh.

Wearing a Green Suit for Your Wedding

If you are the daring groom planning to make an exceptional statement at his wedding with an Emerald Green suit, here are some helpful pointers for you.

From emerald green wedding suits to modern dark Green wedding suit inspiration, 18 stunning examples of how to wear a green suit to a wedding.

Green Wedding Suit – Some Essential Rules

In case you’re not sure how to put your green wedding ensemble together, here are some rules to play by. With these to guide, you will not make wrong choices for elegant green wedding attire.

1. You can choose dark green shades where you would otherwise settle for neutrals like brown, charcoal or navy. However, if you’re working against neutral or natural backdrops for your wedding, you may select bolder and brighter green shades. These would also make statement pieces.

2. Green suits are ideally the best for summer weddings. You can choose a bolder look, like combining a pastel, two-piece suit with brogues in chunky soles. However, if you wish to play on tonal and textural colors, then you may swap your green trousers for neutral chinos. Also, add a pair of green loafers in suede for the final touch.

3. For winter weddings, we recommend ticking by the leafy green dark shades. The rule of day (light) and night (dark) should be your guide when planning your winter wedding, green suit.

4. If you want to complete your green wedding outfit with a party jacket, you must choose emerald green velvet for it. Add a contrasting lapel in black grosgrain for the most stylish look ever.

5. If you are looking for a break from the traditional white shirt for your green wedding suit with an emerald green party jacket, then it is best to pair it with a black shirt and a black silk tie.

6. For a spring wedding, you can’t go wrong in choosing a fresh mint, olive green or jade green linen slub.

7. Green and patterns complement really well, especially plaids. If you’re an outlandish groom, do not hesitate from choosing the black-watch check for your style statement.

Pockets in a Dark Green Suit

There is a conflicting perception when it comes to picking green suits for a wedding. Many grooms look at it as more informal, casual attire. Those who share the same though can choose patch pockets to go with their wedding jacket.

However, there is also the other group of men who believe that green can be just as formal and sophisticated as black or grey suits. If you belong to this group of grooms, you can upgrade your wedding suite with flap or jetted pockets just as well.

Tips from the Experts

First of all, when it comes to a green wedding suit, don’t let anyone tell you there’s an “in” color. With green, you should choose the shade you will be comfortable in. in fact, a good idea is to consider the season you will be get married in.

For instance, if yours is to be a winter wedding, try picking a harder or a duskier green. Hence, army green or bottle green would be a great choice for this season. If you’re planning to have a spring or summer wedding, then Kermit green, dirty south green or mint shades would make a dashing choice too.

The goal behind choosing a green suit for a summer wedding should be a vibrant yet softer and playful color. Also, we believe that the best combinations for a green suit are a white shirt and a darker green or darker brown tie. In fact, textured ties such as the knitted ones go really well with a green wedding look.

You may experiment a little with the cuff and collar if you please but try not to venture too far. We want to final look to be a visual treat because rarely do grooms sport green suits. As for the pocket squares, you can explore a variety of colors because you have a white shirt to pair it white.

The neutral color palette allows you to choose a range of tones to scale-off the look.

Green Wedding Suit – Double or Single Breasted?

This is another conflicting debate and we believe it is really a matter of personal choice. Just because it’s a green suit doesn’t mean there’s a theory to dictate whether it should have a single or double breasted jacket.

We believe both jacket styles would look great. If you personally prefer bolder and more statement-making suit pieces, then you may opt for the double breasted jacket. Even lapels with peaks look better on double breasted jackets.

But if you want to look modern and effortless, then nothing says a single breasted green jacket won’t look good.
Pants for Green Wedding Suits

The younger grooms choosing green suits would cut a more dashing figure in slimmer cuts. The best option is the no-break one for a green suit on younger man. It will make your outfit look well-tailored and sharp, despite the unique color but you will love the final result.

For the mature grooms, you can go for the preppy, hemmed and slight-break cleaner pants for your green suit.

Best Shoes for Green Wedding Suits

Ideally, your green wedding suit will pair best with Monk-straps, Chelsea boots, Derbies or Oxford. However, no matter what footwear you choose, just make sure complements your suit’s green shade.

Final Thoughts

A green wedding suit can be as classic, formal and befitting a wedding as black, grey navy suits. The only elements that can make or break the final look are the choice of fabric, shade and accessories.

When putting together a green ensemble for their weddings, grooms must choose the fabrics wisely and as suited to the season. Thick and rich fabrics five smoother finishes for winter wedding suits. On the other hand, lighter materials such as woven cotton make a better choice for summer weddings.

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