Complete Guide to Wedding Suit Color Combinations

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The right choice of combinations makes all the difference between making and crashing your wedding look.

Matching a shirt, tie and suit is not as straightforward as it sounds. In fact, it is even more challenging when you’re planning your wedding attire.

We do support grooms and groomsmen who want to play with colors, styles, designs and fabrics. We also love those who think out of the box and mix and match stuff to create a WOW-ing look but we do believe it is important to combine elements smartly.

After all, your primary goal is to look classy, presentable, ultra stylish and dapper for your wedding right? It wouldn’t do to get overly ambitious with combining your shirt, tie and suit colors and end up looking like a clown.

Wedding Suit and Color Combinations

But on to the more positive part; we do love men who love to play with combinations to create something exciting. Shirts, ties, suits etc. are nothing new but you can make them look contemporary, stylish and well-coordinated.

All you need is the right eye for colors and style, and a smart approach to navigating the treacherous elements. The final result? A cohesive and utterly fabulous ensemble!

So here is our guide to wedding suits and color combinations for you:

1. One Color Scheme

The one color scheme is the safest for suit-wearing beginners. If it is your wedding and you’ve never pulled off a suit look before this, we highly recommend opting for one shade color.

In this, your tie, shirt and suit are all the same color. It is the safest combination route to take if you’re unsure. You can match darker hues of one color with its lighter variants, resulting in a subtle color combination effect.

A classic example here is the navy suit with a mid-blue tie and a softer shade of blue for the shirt. Three shades of blue in one look are never unsuccessful.

2. White is the easiest for Combos

White is the quintessential color for versatility and blends smoothly with just about every other color. From giving you a crisp and classic base to start off to pairing with any tie of your choice, white is the safest choice for suit combinations.

A white shirt will not only blend well with any suit color and fabric but also any tie. These include traditional patterns, classic stripes, solid bold colors or even modern textures.

3. The Color Wheel

If you’re more daring and experimental and want nothing a stunning combination for your wedding attire, then try the color wheel. Understanding the color wheel is tricky but it can lead you to a variety of mind-blowing styles and suit concepts.

The color wheel is in two parts: the cool color combinations and the warm colors. You can choose a palette that appeal to your personality. Are you a calm, cold and aloof person generally? Then pick a cool color combo for your wedding suit.

Are you a warm, outgoing and highly-social personality? Then choose a warm color palette. Here is what the color wheel looks like:

4. Analog Color Combination

The analog color combination is a good choice because it almost never goes wrong. You can pick your analog color scheme from the color wheel. For this one, the rule is to pick colors that are adjacent to each other, because they’re from the same color family but only in different shades.

They make a really good color palette and on fabric, hardly ever fail to complement. So with this color scheme, your tie is usually a slightly warmer shade than your suit and the shirt.

5. Navy Suit and White Shirt Combination

Perhaps none of us can deny the masculine appeal of the alluring navy suit and white shirt combination. This color scheme works wonders for a man and we have seen a lot of modern, corporate men sporting this dapper look quite often.

For grooms too this color combination is ideal and sure to make them look sleek, handsome and sophisticated. You can use this color theme but experiment with different patterns if you like, such as tartans or ginghams.

You could also choose solid-colored knitted ties to add an extra glamorous touch.

6. Contrasting Color Combinations

If you want to contrast colors for your wedding suit, then the rule is match colors that are apart by three slots on your color wheel. However, for this combination you must be very careful in combining colors because the wrong choice can clash and not create a harmonious final look.

For example, red and blue is a striking color contrast but they go really well together. But blue and purple? Not really pleasing to the eye. The point here is to contrast wisely. We recommend contrasting the darker tones of each color variant you choose.

7. Tan Suit and White Shirt Combination

Another classic combination in our opinion is the tan suit with shirt and a darker blue tie. It is just as phenomenal as a black suit with a white shirt or a navy or grey suit with a white shirt. The beauty of a tan suit is that the warm color contrasts really well with shades of blue and adds a more striking dimension.

You can pair navy ties in knitted patterns or even more versatile patterns like horizontal stripes. It will add more depth to your neutral suit and the simple white shirt.

8. Complimentary Color Combinations

For complimentary color combinations, you have to contrast colors that are on your color wheel’s opposite sides. But mind you, this combination route is not for the beginners and inexperienced. Since the colors are right on the opposite sides, it is very hard to match them.

Only those with trained and experienced eyes and a lot of sense for contrasting opposite colors can pull a stylish look with this one.

Final thoughts

Modern grooms are more in favour of breaking out of traditional attire choices and experimenting with colors, styles and fabrics. Our guide for a combination of wedding suits and colors will surely guide you on the right track and help you pull off a stunning, cohesive and fashion-forward wedding ensemble.

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