8 Epic Stag Do Games that Will Get the Party Started

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Stag do games are the way to get your men into action for what is supposed to be the most memorable night of your lives. You can go as wild or as fun as you like because that’s the purpose of the night isn’t it?

But planning stag do games is not all that easy unless you use are easy-to-pull-off ideas. For starters, we know you want to cram your list with drinking games ideas and we’re all for it but what if there’s a non-drinking stag guest?

Stag Do Games

Here are some of the best game ideas that will make sure everyone gets into high spirits before the spirits can get them high, one way or the other.

1. Mr. and Mrs.

There’s never any harm in starting with a classic because these ever go wrong. For the Mr. and Mrs. game, you need a spouse volunteer and a bunch of questions. For this one, you have to take answers in advance from the real bride for your stag do bash.

In the stag do, quiz the groom will all the questions you listed down. For each answer he gets wrong, he takes a penalty shot and for each answer he gets right, the rest of the group takes a penalty shot.

2. Toy Soldiers

Stag do is the night for being silly ain’t it? Then here is the perfectly silly game and one your non-drinking friends can participate in too. For this one, the best must prepare a bag of plastic toy soldiers and then make each stag pull one out randomly in the party.

The stag has to replicate the soldier’s pose whenever the best man shouts, “Assume your position” during the party. Be sure to click pictures whenever the men are in hilarious Rambo poses.

3. Beer Pong

For this game you need to arrange alcoholic drinks of your choice, two ping pong balls, a long table and twenty cups. Then split your guests into two teams on the stag do night. Fill your cups halfway with the alcoholic drinks and place them in a pyramid shape on both ends of the long table.

Then make each team throw the ping pong ball at turns and try to land it in a cup. For every ball that makes a goal, the team removes the cup and makes the groom drink it. If not the groom, then anyone from the team can do the honors.

However, in a twist of events, the winning team is the one that still has cups left on their side of the table as the game ends.

4. The Grand Old Duke of York

You will have to make everyone memorize this nursery rhyme before the stag do party so they all come prepared. Then make your guests stand in a big circle and sing the rhyme once or twice. From the third time onwards, you can start removing a word for each round.

Every time someone sings out the forbidden word by mistake, they must have a drink. There are going to be hilarious slip-ups in this one, plus the game is easy to organize.

5. Do or Dare

For this game you only need enough space. As the part progresses, the best man must stop at intervals, randomly and without notice, and hold his position. He must wait for the rest of the group to notice and freeze in frame too.
The slowest one to catch up is the loser of each round and has to complete a dare of the groom’s choice.

6. Cards Against Humanity

You will have to invest in a pack of cards against humanity for the game. Then the game begins with a player who poses a question and the funniest answer from the group becomes the winner. This game is the way to unleash each guy’s hilarious, evil, twisted or wild imagination inside, all in fun of course.

7. Sends to All

This is not only a game but also a great way of ensuring no guest lets his phone distract him during the stag-do party. The rule is simple, as soon as the party assembles, make an announcement that no one is allowed to use their phone. It would be fun not to mention the penalty part in the first announcement.
The moment you catch the first guest on his phone, start the round of penalties and make sure they’re as one and outrageous as can be. For example, whoever you catch using the phone will have to allow the groom to send a message of his choice from your phone book.

If you catch the groom himself, using his phone, then as best man you step up to the plate and do the honors. But if you’re planning to pull off a nasty trick, it would be a great idea to inform the bride in advance of a little mischief perhaps.

8. Scavenger Hunt

Men enjoy this at any age and more so at stag-do parties. You can either make the groom play this sole or divide the guests into two teams. Then list down a number of physical items, like a selfie with a girl having the same name as the bride, or a blonde, someone’s t-shirt etc.
Whichever team completes the hunt the fastest comes up with a good consequence for the losing team.

Final Thoughts

The beauty of stag-do games are that you can be as outrageous, fun, wild and inhibited with those as you like. From ice-breakers to setting everyone on fire with all the drinks flowing around, make sure your games set a new pitch at each level for the party. Every stag-do game of your choice must aim to propel everyone into the highest party spirits.

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