Does the Groom Get the Bride a Gift?

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A wedding, regardless of which culture and ethnicity it takes place in, has dozens of traditions to go with it. While modern life has eclipsed the importance of much of those traditions, there are some which speak to the life-long commitment, which honor the relationship and celebrate the eternal love between two.

Out of the many traditions is the custom for the groom to give his bride a gift. While there is rule that makes it compulsory to observe this tradition, we believe that the gesture is not just romantic but a meaningful and sentimental way of welcoming your life partner.

Should You Get a Wedding Gift for Your Partner?

Of course, there is nothing to stress about it as a groom, since often wedding expenses can eat away a lot of your precious savings. But the beauty of this tradition is that it not be an extravagant gift, the whole idea is to invest in its sentimental value and give your new bride something that both of you will cherish when you mark an anniversary each year.
If you are planning a wedding soon, here are some interesting facts for you regarding this special tradition.

The Wedding Gift Tradition – What it is all about

In simple words, the whole idea is to make the day even more special and poignant for the woman who promises to share the rest of her life with you. When a groom gives his bride a gift on the most special day of their lives, it serves as an extra chance of honoring their love, their bond and their sacred relationship.

Amid all the other pressures of life, planning and pulling off a wedding is surely a stressful journey for each partner. On the day when all the challenges bring fruit, a gift makes the final moments of the entire wedding-planning process more heart-warming, festive and a stress-buster for the bride.

Imagine just when your wife-to-be is shaking with nerves and stressing whether everything will go well or not, you present her with something that makes everything else disappear but you and your promise of forever love.

This fact itself adds more value to the idea of giving your bride a gift and marking the new chapter of your lives together in a grand way. At the end of your celebration, you both go home with just one more precious keepsake to cherish for the rest of your lives.

Does the Groom Get the Bride a Gift

When is the Right Time to give your Bride the Gift

Ideally, the best time to give your bride the gift is sometime before the ceremony takes place. It would also add a more emotional touch when you both are saying your vows a few minutes later. Besides, getting a few bonus minutes alone together before the most special moments of your life would help you boost each other up.

But if you’re the typically traditional type of groom who does not want to see his bride before meeting her at the Altar, then you can have someone from your entourage deliver it to your bride when she’s getting ready.

Whatever you choose, it would be a splendid idea to have your photographer capture this moment, especially the emotions when your bride receives your thoughtful gift. You could also choose to give the gift to your bride a night before the wedding, at the rehearsal dinner. Perhaps you’d be too busy overlooking the arrangements on the main day and do not want to risk forgetting to give the gift at all in all the hustle and bustle.

You could also decide a time mutually so that you choose a moment when you’re both undisturbed by others and free to express just what emotions are running through.

Should a Groom Honor this Wedding Tradition?

Like we said, this tradition is entirely optional and there is rule anywhere that makes it mandatory to observe. It is only the thoughtfulness, the poignancy and the emotional value that makes it a credible idea.

If you’re unsure if exchanging gifts would be a good idea or it might make your bride uncomfortable for not getting you something, perhaps it would be good to discuss it with her. As your future spouse, you both can discuss if you would or would not like to observe this ritual, your reasons etc. to avoid an awkward situation later.

Also, if you both find yourselves willing to go ahead with it, it will give each of you’re an insight into what expectations your future spouse has and it would make the gift-selection an easier process. Of course, but insight we mean not letting them know what you’re getting exactly but just a chitchat that would highlight your preferences to each other.
Maintaining the element of surprise is important and you can do that easily.

Should the Groom select an Extravagant Gift?

This goes without saying but the whole idea behind the tradition is for the gift to be meaningful. It does not have to be necessarily expensive and that should not even be the groom’s goal when choosing the gift. Rather, all the focus must be on what would pull the strings of her heart.

In fact, handmade gifts would mean even more for most brides, especially if it’s a love marriage. It could be something as romantic and thoughtful as scribbling your vows on a keepsake journal for her, a sweet wedding card with a special photo of you two locked in a moment of passion, a fine jewelry or anything that she loves.

Even couples jackets would be a great idea and you’d both love wearing those on your honeymoon or future holidays. It would just be an ideal way of living your vows all over again.

Final Thoughts

If you’re wondering if a groom must give his bride a gift on the wedding day, then the idea has been a longstanding but not obligatory tradition. It is only the sweet romantic gesture that gives credit to the idea and makes the tender moments even more heartwarming and memorable for a bride who is pledging her entire life and all her love to a man.
Wedding gifts can be as luxurious or extravagant as you wish, like fine jewelry etc. or as is simple as handmade items; all you need to do is ensure that you choose it with love.

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