Does the Groom have to give a Speech?

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The task of writing and delivering a speech in front of your crowd can make it more overwhelming for some.

Traditionally, the groom must deliver a speech and since ancient times, this tradition has remained alive.

The truth is that it need not be as nerve-wracking as people have made it out to be. A wedding speech is the groom’s special opportunity of thanking his parents, wife, parents in law and other close family and friends for their special contribution in his life.

The Grooms Wedding Speech

It is also something that a groom will cherish throughout his life. Hence, if you feel chickening out because you have to deliver a speech at your own wedding even if you don’t want to, here are some reason to convince you why you need to stop fearing.

1. Express Gratitude

This is your chance to express gratitude for all that your special ones have done for you. From your parents for their unconditional love and support, for your siblings for being there for you always, for your wife for loving you and choosing you as her life partner, for your parents in law for making you a part of their family and others who have contributed.

You can take your speech as a chance to recognize how each person has taken time out of their busy life to make your wedding special, with their presence and participation. It is the once chance where you can call out each name specifically from your parents, family friends to your bridal party and vendors who have made sure your big day turns out perfect.

Remember, a wedding is the product of teamwork and do not waste the opportunity of thanking each who invested their time and energy for your happiness.

2. Share Your Emotions

Over the course of your life thus far, you can count several instances and moments of life where your loved ones have you feel loved and cherished. Most importantly, the reason you’re getting married is most likely because your wife has made you feel like the best person for her in the whole world.

Such emotions deserve a poignant moment for celebration. Your wedding day is just more than ideal to share these emotions because they fit with the specialness of the day. This is your chance to express your heartfelt emotions, love, joy etc. before a crowd. Also, it is the best opportunity to say what you feel in the depths and core of your heart and soul for your wife, if you didn’t write your own vows.

3. Inject a Note of Fun with your Humor

If you want to set a particularly lighthearted, fun and jovial mood at your wedding party, you can do that with your own speech. You can spark the energy and spirit in your wedding guests by rousing them with a witty and humorous speech.

You could make your guests laugh or cry with laughter by tailoring your speech with funny incidents of your life or hilarious moments you can recall from your courtship days. Imagine the beautiful pictures your photographer will capture of everyone laughing and or wiping tears of hilarity from their eyes. Your wedding will surely go down as one of the most fun ones in history, all because of your speech.

4. Share Your Romantic Journey

Was your romance nothing less than a fairytale? Why not share it with the rest of the world? It might inspire others to seek love like you have been fortunate to have. You could make your speech all about your romance, how you two met, how you proposed and how you realized its true love.

Your guests will get starry eyed for sure and in the best way possible. It would also make your wife all the more special if you let her know through your speech how you noted and memorized each precious moment you spent with her and how what were precious moments for her were the same for you too.

5. Your Speech can be the Highlight of Your Reception

Do you want a key moment at your wedding party? It could be your speech. A groom’s speech has the power to transform the mood of the evening and can even be the most highlight if you play it right. You could give a surprise to your wife or your parents, family friends by breaking out into a choreographed dance or giving a special gift to your wife to make it even more special.
Whatever you do in your speech, remember not to rush through it but rather make each moment count.

Some Important Tips

Here are some important tips to help you when preparing your speech:

  1. Start with a warm introduction, such as thanking your guests for their presence, your father in law and dad, your best man and other groomsmen, the bridesmaids, your siblings etc. Also make the majority of your speech about your wife and what she means to you.
  2. A great idea is to use “w” instead of ‘I” in your speech. It would sound lovely to the guests if you spoke on your wife’s behalf too when thanking everyone.
  3. Humor is always a great idea to make your speech lively and fun but remember to keep it healthy. Inside or crude jokes will only ruin the entire effect.
  4. When you are talking about your bride, you must give your heart and emotions free rein. Let her know just how much she means to you. If possible, find a love quote to enhance the depth of your emotions.
  5. Talk about how you met your wife, include anecdotes regarding your relationship and a dew of your favorite memories in your speech.
  6. You can give token gifts to your groomsmen and bridesmaids at the speech if you haven’t given them at your rehearsal already.
  7. Close your speech by thanking your guests and wedding parties again.
  8. End by toasting your wife and your new life together.

Final Thoughts

The groom’s speech is before the bestman’s speech and is the highlight of the reception and it is the key moment that will stay forever in the memories of all who attend. You can make your speech truly special and unforgettable, only if you let your emotions take the lead with a touch of humor.

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