Morning Routine for the Groom on His Wedding Day

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Back in the days when people believed in making maximum use of daylights, Church ceremonies in the morning followed by luncheon receptions were the norm for wedding.

In the modern times, people prefer dancing the night away and festivities commonly last till the wee hours of the next day after the wedding.

Since most wedding ceremonies now commonly happen around late noon or early evenings, it leaves grooms with a lot of free time in the first half of the day.

What Do the Groomsmen Do on the Morning of the Wedding?

Since the day is yours to do as you please, it is a great idea to plan activities in advance that will put you in the festive mood for your nuptials later. It is also a great idea to gang with your groomsmen and plan a fun activity or two together for more cherishing memories.

Here are some great ideas for your wedding morning routine:

1. Go Golfing with Your Gang

Your wedding day morning is an ideal time to organize a boy’s day out, well at least a half day out. You will need to make sure you return before time to get ready for the ceremony but having a good time with your mates is the best idea.

After all, since all your girls will be busy getting ready and family tending to the arrangements for the day, you are free to go and indulge yourselves a bit. What could be better than playing golf for boys? You could plan it as you please, like a match play, a skins game or start off with tee time early.

In fact, this idea can even get better if you get your groomsmen personalized golf shorts as gifts and pose for some fantastic pictures for your wedding albums. In case the weather doesn’t cooperate with you on that day, try opting for top golf instead.

2. Movie Time with Popcorn

Boys just love gathering for an action movie, munching popcorns and sipping beers and they’d gab any opportunity to do this. Why not treat yourself and your boys to some relaxing time before the evening in your hotel room?

Stock up on your favorite snacks beforehand, keep your favorite movie ready and get the guys together. If not a movie, you could even settle for a big game or video games together.

3. Work out

No matter how macho a groom pretends to be, he is sure to have some pre-wedding jitters on the big day. Working out is a fantastic way of shaking off those jitters plus having a good time with the groomsmen.

Round your boys up and get your blood pumping at your local gym or just head together to your club. An intense workout, sweating off in the steam room and sauna or swimming would do you all some good. We can bet you’ll all come out looking like new men and geared up for walking down the aisle later that evening.

4. A Bit of Pampering

Facials and scrubs are not only good for the bride and her bridesmaids but men could do with some skin pampering too. Most grooms and his party shave on the wedding day but you could take the extra free time as an opportunity to pamper yourself and the guys a bit.

Rather than risking cuts on your face from nervous fingers, let a professional barber do a better job for you and your boys. A high quality shave, a facial massage or face steam will be relaxing and rejuvenating for you all.

If you want to make this one an even more luxurious experience, you can do a bit of research and book appointments at the best barbers in town for the morning. In fact, getting a stylish hair and beard makeover would also be a great idea.

5. Go Lunching with the Boys

You’re the hero of the day so why stop yourself from feeling like a king? As a groom, you deserve to make the most of the big day and a hearty lunch at a fancy restaurant in town with your troops sounds incredible.

You could probably sleep in, then head over for a grand meal with your boys and get into a fine mood for the celebrations ahead. Besides, a good meal at lunch will boost your energy, which you will surely need to get through the evening and night of dancing.

A group lunch with your favorite boys at a hotspot in town sounds like incredible way of kick-starting the day’s festivities.

6. Just Chill the Morning Away

Life rarely gives us the opportunity to laze away in bed, doing nothing but being lazy and perhaps sipping some chilled beer or wine. Since you’ve probably spent the past couple of months sweating it off while organizing your wedding, the morning of the wedding day itself is a great chance to relax and unwind your tense muscles.

Besides, by this time you can rest assured that every detail is in place. Your suit, accessories, the wedding bands are all in place, your vendors are doing what they must and the event planners making sure every last detail is taken care of, you can finally breathe a sigh of relief.
So perhaps not doing anything on the wedding day morning is the best idea for you. Just put your feet up, draws the curtains around your hotel room and get some much-needed R&R. You’ll feel well-rested and more energized for saying your vows later.

Final Thoughts

Planning a wedding is a time-consuming, painstaking and tiring project. It lasts for months at a time and can drain the groom and bride of all energy. For grooms, the morning of the wedding day is an ideal opportunity to unwind, have a little fun, rest and relax to get into the best shape for the most important day.

Planning an activity that will release all the stress from months of hard work, a grand brunch or lunch to treat yourself and your buddies or indulging in some fun is the best way to utilize the morning. After all, such opportunities are rare and using this special morning to the maximum will also go down as your best memories for life.

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