Where to Buy Wedding Suits In London

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With a little word of advice interwoven in this tapestry of suggested menswear stores throughout London, we begin with a few bare basics before we guide you to those stores where it all begins.

Before the Groom even envisages what he will wear at his own wedding, his fiancée has already bombarded him with several not so subtle tugs on his sleeve as he is forced to scroll through Pinterest boards laden with wedding dresses. He is supremely aware he needs a suit for this auspicious occasion.

He’s a classic jeans and t-shirt man who is now facing a decision that could seriously interrupt the harmony of his future dreams. He has just spent the best part of the year listening to his bride-to-be debate about what wedding dress to buy.

Then she spends not even half an hour by his side rolling her eyes skyward while he desperately tries to decide whether the double-breasted jacket is a better fit than the single and should there be a buttonhole in the lapel? And what about the shoes. Should they be black or … He desperately wants to look more like Brad Pitt in Mr. and Mrs. Smith and less like Ben Stiller in Zoolander.

In order to avoid such catastrophes such as the dreaded eye rolling bride-to-be, we’ve put together a list of quality stores throughout London offering more positive notes on decision making and less desperation whilst attempting to hold it all together. Bearing in mind, of course, it is a joint decision. One must not forget colour schemes, bridesmaids dresses, shoes and the like.

But it’s not just the bride who will be showcased on your day to remember. There will be eyes roving over your stunning wedding suit and if you’re just beginning to search for the perfect one, here’s a list of our top chosen menswear stores for your perusal.

Where to Shop For that Wedding Suit In London

A Suit That Fits

Situated at 100 Clements Road, London the expert assistance offered by the staff at A Suit That Fits is unsurpassed.

Suit styles range from three piece and two piece classics, to all unique and luxuriously hand-tailored. All are made from high quality fabric. Affordable prices offer premier suits that sculpt rather than hang from the shoulders; it is not a case of expense but of investment.

The wedding suits are made from some of the most beautiful fabrics available. Lightweight silk or wool, they share a versatility that lends the finest quality from the exclusive mills where the material is sourced.

Jack Bunneys London

For a made to measure suit, you’ll find plenty of choices. Jack Bunneys is located at 50 Longbridge Road, Barking, Essex.

Made to order wedding suits are the forte of the gentlemen who measure and produce a beautifully fitted suit for the groom and his groomsmen.

They say impeccable service is an experience enjoyed only by those who know how to fit a man for a suit. Jack Bunneys is committed to treating you with the utmost respect, whilst the staff are accommodating and efficient.

Prices are competitive and range from £150 for a two-piece lightweight Tail suit to £220 for a classic Heritage Lounge Suit.

Accessories are available and if you want to top off your look, a Top Hat will set you back £20.

William Hunt ~ Savile Row

Located at 41 Savile Row, London and also at number 2 Princes Square, Harrogate, at William Hunt, you will enjoy the kind of assistance you’ll not forget in a hurry. It’s those little, often overlooked important things the staff here attend to.

Like the bridal colour scheme so that they can either create and or suggest a suit to match not only your physique but also your wedding. The colour, the fabric and your best man and groomsmen will be attended to as fastidiously as they deserve.

And whilst choices are broad, you have simply to choose from the ready-to-wear collection whose suits if required, will be altered and adjusted to your requirements, or you may have one tailored to perfection.

Shirts, ties, tie pins and shoes are all available in this one stop shop all offered with a touch of elegance.

Kings and Allen

For convenience, there are four stores throughout London. Surbiton in Surrey, Liverpool Street, London, Wilmslow, Cheshire and Birmingham.

All provide an extensive range of stunning suits made in quality fabrics and styles. Private fitting rooms are available and suits are expertly fitted having been individually tailored. Wedding suits are of top quality and the groom needs only to book for a free consultation and later a fitting.

Fabrics are of quality and range from Italian silk blends to the classics like British flannel or wool and you will be in the company of an experienced consultant for the entire journey. You’ll be assisted in fabric selection, pricing and will have the opportunity to physically view fabric swatches.

You’ll pay for a top quality wedding suit but the investment will last you a lifetime. Prices range from £499 through to £989 depending on your individual tastes.

Have your Suit Tailored

This is your day. It will be the one day in your life when you want to look as stunning as a man can look. And with the suggestions above, you’ll look the very best you ever have.

From the moment you arrive at your venue is the moment the eyes of your family and friends are going to be on you. From that very first second to the very last wave goodbye as you step onto your honeymoon, your impression will be one that will remain timely.

Whether it be the style of Mr. Smith’s Brad Pitt or that of the unmistakable James Bond Esquire, your aim is to make an entrance and to make the woman you love extremely proud.

Your suit will be beautifully tailored. Your shirt and tie will compliment your sculptured physique and your shoes will reflect the image of your smile.

And remember a word of warning. Your suit will have pockets, just forget they’re there. There’s nothing worse than bulges. If you have keys, a wallet and mobile phone, hand them over to a lady you trust. Your mum will keep everything safe.

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