Top 5 Groom Wedding Speech Dos and Don’ts

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When a couple reflects on their wedding, it is often the sincerity and tradition of the day that they remember.

Wedding toasts are an important traditionin a couple’s nuptials, and astrong andgenuine groom’sspeech can demonstrate your fondness for your friend while providing the new couple with a memory to last a lifetime.

It is important to be cognizant of the various dos and don’ts in a groom’s toast, as it can be very easy to deviate from what is deemed appropriate and heartfelt. Giving a speech in front of a crowd can be nerve-wracking, so sticking with the basics can help you navigate the much anticipated toast.

Wedding Speech Dos and Don’ts

The following list comprises the Top Five Groom Wedding Speech Dos and Don’ts:

1. DO Be Personal, Yet Appropriate

If you have been tasked with giving a speech for your best friend at a wedding, you have inevitably shared a lot with this person. It is obvious to assume that not everything you have done together is appropriate to announce in front of a large crowd comprised of parents, grandparents, and various friends and family. Adding personal anecdotes is important in eliciting emotion and expressing your sincerity, but it is imperative to stay away from anything that will embarrass the groom or his partner.

If you are unsure of what maybe embarrassing, it is always okay to ask a friend prior to giving your toast. Put yourself in the groom’s position; would you want that story said about you at your own wedding? Stay away from inappropriate jokes; a wedding is a formal event and thus, the speechshould also beformal.

2. DON’T Take Too Long

Even though the toast is one of the most anticipated moments of the wedding, if the speech is too long, the crowd will get bored. No person wants to sit through twenty minutes of inside jokes or sappy stories that are mainly personal to you and the groom!

Keep the toast two to five minutes in length. This provides enough time to share a personal anecdote and wish the couple happiness without boring the guests. In turn, there are probably other toasts that will be made at the wedding, and you do not want to cut into anyone else’s time.

3. DO Avoid Cliché and Tell Your Story

You want your speech to be personal, and hence, you want to avoid cliché quotes that seem to emerge in every groom’s toast. The one about the groom putting his hand over the bride’s hand and stating that this will be the only time he “has the upper hand” is cute, but most people have heard it before. Stick to personal stories and keep them brief.

Talk about what makes your friendship with the groom strong, and try to add a story about how your friend met his bride. If you are sticking to the two to five minuterule, you do not want to waste your time with impersonal anecdotes.

4. DO End on a Positive Note

While you want to make sure that your speech is sincere and heartfelt, you want to keep the mood uplifting and enjoyable. It is okay to use appropriate humor and even generate a few laughs amongst the crowd.

If you have shared a story or two, end with a happy toast to the couple, wishing them well in their future together. You want the couple to feel good as well as all the guests. The crowd will remember less of what you said and more of how you made them feel.

5. DON’T Wing It

Write your entire toast down before the wedding. There is no substitute for planning out your speech, and this will give you the opportunity to collect your thoughts, read over your ideas, and ensure that everything you are going to say is concise and appropriate. You can also show your speech to a friend if you are nervous.

You do not want to be too rehearsed, and you certainly do not need to memorize your toast; it isa good ideato have a copy of your toast with you so you can glance at the main points during the speech. Maintain eye contact with the crowd, but do not bewary of utilizing your “cheat sheet”. Practicing the toast beforehand will calm nerves and give you a cool edge when you’re giving your toast.

Wedding Speech Dos and Don'ts

Remember, the groom’s toast is an honor! The groom is trusting you with this very exciting and important tradition. Follow these Dos and Don’ts, and your toast will be successful! Good luck!

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