Which UK High-Street Store is Best for Buying a Men’s Suit?

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A suit is a man’s armor. It’s certainly a must-have for any wardrobe. It has remained a hallmark of sophistication, class, and power.

Whether you are hunting for everyday office wear or an occasional wedding suit, knowing where to look can be tricky.

Where to buy a suit in the UK?

To help you start, we have a list of UK stores that pack a range of high-quality suits.


All suits can be viewed online and a large selection in store, a great range of styles and fits, from skinning and slim to tailored, the staff are on hand to help and you can pick up everything you need from shoes, suit, shirt and tie with a good range of all.


High street store Marks and Spencer established in 1884 and have stores across the UK and have a very good choice of high quality suits for different budgets. All suits can be viewed online as well as in store. A range of different styles and colours make it a great place to pick up a wedding suit.

Moss Bros

A popular store focused on suits for all occasions and work, there is a great choice and range of styles, staff on hand to ensure you get the right fit and suits and styles for all budgets.


Founded in 1856 in London, Burberry quickly became renowned for its famous trench coat, outdoor apparel, and signature plaid pattern. As the years went by, the brand introduced an empire of high-quality suits that blends both old and new designs.

Burberry takes inspiration from the classic design when it comes to the material and the manufacturing technique. At the same time, the brand incorporates contemporary silhouettes and tailoring, thus crafting the ideal suit.

Ermenegildo Zegna

For professionally crafted suits from the finest material, look no further than Ermenegildo Zegna. Being the leader in luxury and quality, Zegna cares about the origin of its output. The company has created global initiatives that will perfect the quality of their suits, all the way from start to finish. You can find a variety of classic, sophisticated colors that truly allow the fabric to shine.

Established in 1910 in Trivero, this Italian brand perfectly combines modern tastes and trends with the highest quality products. If you are in search of a versatile suit that is perfect for all occasions, then Zegna is your go-to.

Tom Ford

As the ex-creative director of Yves Saint Laurent and Gucci, Tom Ford knows the art of designing the perfect suit. His designs drip with luxury and class. If you are looking for a more fashion-oriented suit, then Tom Ford is a brand you should definitely check out.

You can find various stores of the brand sprawled across the UK. Slim-cut Tuxedos and dinner jackets from Tom Ford are very popular and are available in various styles and fabrics. Tom Ford is here to help you make a bold statement with their material and their designs. Whether its materials such as silk and velvet, or patterns like cheetah print and glossy swirls, they have it all.


Burton is a high-street clothing retailer in the UK based in London. It offers a diverse range of men’s suits both for work and other formal occasions. It carries different suits and trousers in colors such as yellow, brown, beige, white, black and red. Unlike other brands, you will not have to break your bank when searching for a well-fitted, high-quality suit.

Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss is a popular brand in the UK, and there is just something very classy about their suits. The German brand presents suits that are efficient and make a statement. The best thing about Hugo Boss suits is that despite being simple and classy, their pieces have an edge. If you want a suit that is not loud and attention-grabbing yet very high-quality, then Hugo Boss is for you.

Their slim and sleek cut suits radiate grace and masculinity and are perfect for all occasions. For office wear, you can pick a regular fit. If you are shopping for a special occasion and wish to show off your curves, then a slim-fit is the best option. You also have the option of picking an extra slim fit for extraordinary events.


Reiss is a British fashion company based in London. They offer a mix of casual and contemporary suits created with smart details. For a masterful cut paired with a trendy design and excellent quality fabric, Reiss definitely takes the lead.

The brand focuses on meeting their clients’ specifications, which is why they offer a diverse selection. You can find old-fashioned, contemporary, and slim-cut designs that come adorned with horn buttons. If you wish to shop for a more customized look, you can still find something at Reiss. The brand is also known for offering customized tailoring services for suits.

Depending on your preferences and budget, you can get the perfect fit, the right color, and the ideal design. Their service of providing fully customizable suits, from the lining to the stitching and final touches, has made Reiss very popular.

Alfred Dunhill

Alfred Dunhill is a British luxury goods company with headquarters in London. It specializes in making ready-made as well as customized and bespoke suits along with other fashion accessories. If you are looking for a masculine, excellently stitched suit, then look no further than Dunhill.

The key difference between bespoke and ready-made suits is the touch of personalization that sets the former apart. A customized suit will complement your body in the right way so that you can feel your best in your attire. With the option to specifically design a suit in accordance with your needs, Dunhill caters to its clients’ personal preferences. And the results delivered are simply superb.


Hackett is a British clothing company specializing in a range of textiles and accessories for boys and men. With a total of 160 stores worldwide, this brand is very famous for its well-made suits. Founded in 1979, the company has since then designed ideal suits for English gentlemen.

Upon browsing their collection, you will find different patterns, such as checks and stripes, along with traditional colors. Whatever pattern or color you pick, you will definitely own a suit that is elegant and comfortable. The inspiration for the fit of suits was taken from athletic and army cuts, which make for an excellent wardrobe addition.

Richard James

Richard James is yet another British luxury company that has mastered the art of the perfect suit. It has been successfully combining traditional style with modern techniques. The artisans behind their pieces come from Italy and Britain to create their well-known single-breasted suits.

These suit jackets are available in different bright and neutral colors.
Be sure to visit these stores in person so you can get a better idea of all the options that are available to you!

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